Will Lahore Qalandars pick Aaron Finch or Fakhar Zaman?


According to PCB, PSL franchises will pick their remaining players from a draft on December 15, 2022. However, Lahore Qalandars have only one pick left from the Platinum category. Will they lean towards Aaron Finch or Fakhar Zaman, one of the most recognized players in Lahore Qalandars?

Fakhar Zaman has been playing with Lahore Qalandars in the previous Pakistan Super League seasons. Zaman is the third most higher scorer in previous PSL seasons. He’s been very helpful for Lahore Qalandars as a good left-hand batsman.

However, Fakhar is not performing well since the start of 2022 and there might be a good chance that Lahore Qalandars will not pick Fakhar Zaman for the upcoming HBL PSL 8. In this case, they will look for another top-quality world-class batsman who can be profitable for them in PSL matches. And a question arises “Will Lahore Qalandars pick Aaron Finch or Fakhar Zaman?”

As Aaron Finch and Fakhar Zaman are both Platinum category players. Therefore, picking up Aaron Finch can be a good decision. Lahore Qalandars have already retained Shaheen Shah Afridi, Rashid Khan, and Haris Rauf which proves they have a strong bowling attack. Now they have to choose skeptically and smartly for their remaining Platinum pick.


Aaron Finch is an Australian Cricketer known for his highly skilled batting performance and a good score chaser. He is the one who can be very helpful during an alarming situation in the field. Along with being a good batter, he is also a very good captain and coordinates very well with other team members.


¬†Will Lahore Qalandars prioritize Aaron Finch’s experience over Fakhar Zaman’s local talent?

The selection decision between Aaron Finch and Fakhar Zaman for Lahore Qalandars will likely depend on various factors, including the team’s strategy for the upcoming matches. While Finch brings international experience and a strong batting record, Fakhar Zaman offers local flair and familiarity with the conditions. The team’s decision will likely hinge on striking the right balance between experience and homegrown talent.

How will Lahore Qalandars decide between Aaron Finch’s explosive batting and Fakhar Zaman’s recent form?

The choice between Aaron Finch and Fakhar Zaman will be based on an evaluation of their current form, fitness, and match-readiness. Finch’s reputation as a power-hitter and Fakhar’s recent strong performances will both be crucial factors. Lahore Qalandars’ management and coaching staff will likely assess the team’s batting requirements and opposition strategies to determine which player’s strengths align better with the team’s objectives.

What role will team dynamics play in the selection between Aaron Finch and Fakhar Zaman?

Lahore Qalandars’ decision between Aaron Finch and Fakhar Zaman will also consider team dynamics and chemistry. Both players bring unique attributes to the team, and the management will need to assess how each player complements the rest of the squad. Factors such as leadership potential, on-field partnerships, and the overall team balance will influence whether Finch’s international exposure or Fakhar’s local connection is prioritized.


In conclusion, the decision of whether Lahore Qalandars should pick Aaron Finch or Fakhar Zaman ultimately hinges on a multitude of factors, including their current form, team dynamics, and the specific requirements of the game. Both players bring unique strengths to the table, with Finch’s explosive batting and experience as an international captain contrasting with Fakhar’s local familiarity and dynamic left-handed style.

The choice between them should be based on a careful analysis of the team’s needs and the conditions on the day of the match. Lahore Qalandars’ management must weigh these factors judiciously to make the best decision for the team’s success in the upcoming matches.