SOURCE: On November 11, 2022, PCB announced HBL PSL 8 team retainers & migrations. There’s been not a lot of changes in coming PSL teams. As most of the team franchises have stuck up with their best-performing players both in previous PSL seasons and international matches.

PCB acknowledged us with the information that there will be only six teams in HBL PSL 8 including Karachi Kings, Islamabad United, Lahore Qalandars, Quetta Gladiators, Peshawar Zalmi, and Multan Sultans.

Announced HBL PSL 8 Team Retainers & Migrations

The following players have been retained by their respective teams:


BABAR AZAM is a major player participating in the coming season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL). In the previous season of PSL, he played for the side of Karachi Kings. But now he has gone to Peshawar Zalmi as officially announced by the PCB.

HAIDER ALI is a hitting batsman and known for putting a big score on the scoreboard. He will now play in Karachi Kings. Let’s see how these decisions turn out to be good for the respective teams.

The remaining official HBL PSL 8 draft will be announced in mid-December 2022 when all the teams will have their picks for the remaining slots in their teams.


What are team retainers and migrations in HBL PSL 8?

Team retainers and migrations refer to the processes through which cricket teams participating in the HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 8 manage their squads. Team retainers involve selecting players from the previous season’s roster to be retained for the upcoming season. Migrations, on the other hand, pertain to the transfers or movements of players between different teams in the league. These processes aim to maintain team dynamics, enhance performance, and ensure the best possible composition of squads for the upcoming season.

How do team retainers work?

Team retainers allow cricket franchises in HBL PSL 8 to maintain a degree of consistency in their squad composition. Each franchise can choose a certain number of players from their previous season’s roster to retain. The exact number of retentions may vary from one season to another and is typically determined by league regulations. Retained players continue to represent the same franchise in the upcoming season, providing stability and continuity to the team’s lineup.

What is the process of player migrations in HBL PSL 8?

Player migrations involve the movement of players from one franchise to another within the HBL PSL. This process usually occurs during the player draft, where teams have the opportunity to bid for and acquire players from other franchises.

The reasons for migrations can vary and may include strategic team building, addressing performance gaps, or accommodating the preferences of players. Migrations aim to ensure a competitive and balanced league by redistributing talent effectively.

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In the vibrant and competitive landscape of the HBL Pakistan Super League, the processes of team retainers and migrations play a crucial role in shaping the dynamics of each season. Retainers offer teams a chance to maintain a core group of players, fostering team identity and stability. On the other hand, player migrations inject excitement into the league by allowing players to explore new challenges and franchises to strategically enhance their squads. Together, these mechanisms contribute to the continuous evolution and enthralling nature of HBL PSL, captivating cricket enthusiasts around the world.