PSL 8 Opening Ceremony Tickets Sold Within An Hour

Just after an hour of PSL tickets going online, PSL 8 opening ceremony tickets sold out. All the general tickets for both Mushtaq Ahamend and Hanif Muhammad Enclosures pricing 1000 rupees are now unavailable. Meanwhile, the VVIP tickets are also not available as the online purchasing of tickets for the Inzimam-Ul-Haq enclosure went off. Additionally, the VVIP tickets cost PKR 18000 only. But still all the seats in Inzimam-Ul-Haq stadium filled as soon as the tickets went online for public purchase.

The PSL 8 is about to start on Feb 13 in Multan Cricket Stadium at 6:00 PM IST. Moreover, the PSL fans were really excited about witnessing a PSL opening in Multan. So, most of the fans from Multan purchased the PSL 2023 opening ceremony tickets before they run out of time. And sadly, it created a drawback as no one else can purchase the tickets now. Because the available seats are completely booked and there is no more space to allocate more viewers at the pre-mentioned enclosures.

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Available PSL 8 Opening Ceremony Tickets

However, VIP, first-class, and premium category seats are still available. But there are very few left. They may run out before the end of this day. The following tickets are still available for online booking:

Available Tickets Price List

Ticket Category Enclosure Ticket Price
VIP Fazal Mahmood PKR 6000
VIP Imran Khan PKR 6000
First Class Elahi Brothers PKR 3000
Premium Javed Miandad PKR 2000
Premium Zaheer Abbas PKR 2000

So if you want still want to purchase the above-mentioned category tickets for the PSL 8 opening ceremony in Multan cricket stadium, you can! By clicking on the given button. So, get your hands on these tickets now to witness one of the greatest events of Pakistan in 2023.


How did the PSL 8 Opening Ceremony tickets sell out within just an hour?

The PSL 8 Opening Ceremony tickets saw an incredible demand due to a combination of factors such as the popularity of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), the anticipation of the opening ceremony’s entertainment lineup, and a streamlined online ticketing system. Fans eagerly purchased tickets as soon as they became available, resulting in the swift sell-out.

Were there any technical difficulties reported during the ticket sale?

While the ticketing process generally went smoothly, there were reports of intermittent technical difficulties experienced by a small number of users due to the high volume of traffic on the ticketing website. Organizers promptly addressed these issues and extended the sale window slightly to accommodate affected fans.

Can I still attend the PSL 8 Opening Ceremony if I didn’t get tickets in the initial sale?

If you weren’t able to secure tickets during the initial sale, don’t worry. PSL often releases a limited number of additional tickets or offers secondary market options closer to the event date. Keep an eye on official PSL channels and authorized ticket platforms for any updates on ticket availability.


The overwhelming demand for tickets to the PSL 8 Opening Ceremony, which sold out within an hour, is a testament to the passion and enthusiasm of cricket fans. This rapid sell-out underscores the PSL’s status as one of the premier T20 cricket leagues globally and highlights the importance of early ticket planning for those eager to be a part of this exciting event. As organizers continue to refine their ticketing processes, fans can look forward to future opportunities to secure their spots and witness the spectacle of the PSL Opening Ceremony.