What Courses and Career Choices Are Available after a BSc Nursing?

Did you just finish your BSc in Nursing, or yet planning to do so? A BSc in Nursing is one of the secure ways to become a paramedic. The myriad of courses and career choices make it one of the most sought-after bachelor courses in India. Given the emerging healthcare institutions in diverse areas of India including rural, the scope for BSc Nursing graduates is immense. 

Through this blog, we shall help you identify various courses and career choices after BSc Nursing colleges in Mumbai. Let us explore further. 

Table of Contents:

  1. About BSc Nursing
    1. Course Highlights
    2. Admission Procedure
  2. Major courses available post-BSc Nursing
  3. Career Choices after BSc Nursing 
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs


About BSc Nursing

A BSc in Nursing is a 4-year undergraduate course followed by a 6-month internship in a healthcare facility. It lays the foundation for candidates who aspire to develop their careers as paramedic health staff. 

Course Highlights

 The major highlights of the course in nursing institutes in Mumbai are-

Course type Under-graduation
Course duration 4 years + 6 month internship
Course fees INR 37,500 to 1,90,000. (Depending on your socio-economic background) 
  • A minimum of 45% in Class 12 from a recognised board with Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 
  • A valid score in the Nursing CET examination. 


Admission Procedure

To secure admission to BSc Nursing colleges in Mumbai, you need to fulfil the following criteria- 

  • Candidates need to have a minimum age of 17 years. 
  • Secure an aggregate of 45% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English in class 12th for open candidates and 40% for reserved categories. 
  • Shall have appeared for M.H. BSC. Nursing CET examination. 

For admission to one of the best BSc nursing Colleges in Navi Mumbai, Students shall be Medically fit for admission.

Major courses available post-BSc Nursing

Apart from practising after your graduation from BSc nursing colleges in Mumbai, you also have the option to pursue different courses to strengthen your career aspirations. The major courses available for BSc Nursing graduates include- 

  • Master-level courses in Nursing– After completion of your BSc Nursing, you can pursue a master’s from the top MSc Nursing colleges in Maharashtra. An MSc in Nursing gives you the leverage to pursue nursing in a specialisation like Obstetric Gynaecological Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Child Health Nursing, Cardiovascular Thoracic Nursing, etc. 
  • Doctoral level courses– The highest level of education after an MSc in Nursing is a PhD, a research-level programme. If you are interested in pursuing research in the field of nursing a PhD can be a transformative step in your aspiration to be a paramedic. 
  • Short-term Diploma courses– Various certification courses in the form of diplomas are available for candidates to go through refresher programs. A few of the most prominent ones are- Nursing Administration, Cardiovascular and thoracic Nursing, etc. 
  • Other master programs– You can pivot your career into other diverse fields like hospital management, public healthcare, healthcare administration, etc. with an MBA. 

Career choices after BSc Nursing 

Graduates from BSc Nursing colleges in Mumbai have immense career opportunities to develop their careers. You can find a few ways listed here- 

  • Registered Nurse (RN): Registration with the Indian Nursing Council becomes crucial before you start practising. You get to work in various healthcare institutes like hospitals, clinics, primary health centres, nursing homes, etc. You shall be responsible for direct patient care, administering medications and monitoring patients’ conditions. 
  • Specialized Nursing Roles with MSc in Nursing: You can pursue specialized roles such as a pediatric nurse, obstetric or gynaecology nurse, critical care nurse, etc. with an MSc in Nursing in a discipline of your choice. 
  • Govt. jobs:
    • Govt. Hospitals like JIPMER/AIIMS/Civil hospitals seek B.Sc Nursing graduates for practice in their various branches. 
    • You can join the Military Nursing Service (MNS) if you aspire to serve in defence forces. The transferable nature of such jobs adds dynamicity to your career profile.  
    • Various state govt. Release vacancies for BSc Nursing graduates in state-run hospitals and public health centres. Apply if you aspire to practise in a certain region. Remember to get registered with the specific state’s nursing council. 
  • Administrator: With professional experience, you can be appointed in managerial and administrative roles in healthcare institutions. You shall be responsible for overseeing nursing units or departments, ensuring efficient operations, staff management, and quality patient care. 


Is BSc Nursing under NEET?

For BSc Nursing you need to appear in the MH Nursing CET exam and won’t require a NEET score for admission. 

What are the jobs after BSc Nursing?

You can secure the role of a nurse in a healthcare institution after completion of BSc Nursing. You can either seek direct placements in the hospitals in your desired region or apply for govt. Jobs as per the notification released. 

What courses can I do after BSc Nursing?

You can secure admission to MSc Nursing if you want to specialise in an area of interest. Various other master-level programs like MBA in hospital management, public healthcare, etc. are available. 

What is a BSc in nursing?

BSc in Nursing is a 4-year course followed by a 6-month internship that puts you on a track to pursue nursing as your career. It is the only available course in India.

Which MSC is best after BSc Nursing?

Medical -Surgical Nursing and Gynecology are considered to be highly paid. However, your specialization, experience and job profile matter the most in terms of salary expectations. 


Graduation from BSc nursing colleges in Mumbai is a lucrative field wherein you have job security, and satisfaction to fulfil the core responsibility of patient care. A BSc degree builds your foundation in the field of nursing, hence the 4-year tenure can be life-changing. Job opportunities after the program from BSc nursing colleges in Mumbai are immense. We would recommend you pursue MSc nursing after BSc nursing as it helps you develop a specialised career. 

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