What Causes Utis and How to Treat Them

UTIs, or diseases in the urinary system, happen a lot. They are painful and can stop you in your tracks when they do. A lot of people get them, but you shouldn’t ignore them if you do, especially if you get them a lot. Researchers may not fully understand why some people are more likely to get them, but we do know that there are ways to help protect against them. One choice is to take UTI prevention supplements, like the ones Utiva sells. In this blog we will discuss about What Causes Utis and How to Treat Them.

Why Do Urinary Tract Infections Happen?

There are many reasons why people get UTIs, but germs generally get into the urinary stream and cause them. Some of this can be avoided by being more clean, but for many people, that is not enough. Microbes that get into this area, like germs like E. coli, can be dangerous and hard to treat.

Some UTIs can be avoided by better cleaning yourself after using the bathroom and having sex. You can also help stop the spread of germs by taking a shower instead of a bath. Also, don’t use powders or sprays on this area, and don’t douche, because that kills the good germs that keep your body in balance.

What Will Happen If That’s Not Enough?

Even though many people do everything they can to stop the spread of germs, they still have problems with UTIs. You might want to change what you put in your body instead of trying to treat the problem from the outside. This means that taking vitamins can help your immune system do its job and stop the growth of too many germs in this area. This could lead to fewer painful UTIs.

What Should You Look for in UTI Supplements?

There are different kinds of vitamins, but it is always best to stick to those that are made to boost your immune system and clean out your urinary tract. Products like 36PAC and D-Mannose work well because they contain strong nutrients that are good for the urine system.

So, when picking a vitamin, look for ones that have nutrients like the ones below that are good for you:

  • People say that cranberries are one of the best natural ways to get rid of bad germs that cause UTIs. It works by stopping the germs from sticking to the bladder walls, which makes it harder for them to grow and spread. Even though a very high amount is needed to make a big difference, cranberry pills are known to work nicely.
  • D Mannose is an important sugar that can help make it harder for bacteria to stick to the walls of the bladder. You may not have heard of this part of the UTI-fighting arsenal. It makes the walls’ surface less sticky, so germs can’t stick to it and grow.

What Else Should You Know About the Best UTI Supplements?

There are a few more things you should think about besides the ingredients when it comes to getting the right pills into your body.


Awareness of the product’s purity is one of the most important things to do. You won’t be putting any chemicals or toxins into your body when you use a 100% natural product. These will only hurt your health and gut system. Try to find a product that is made with only natural ingredients to stay away from bad things.

Gluten & Vegan-Free

For many people, it’s important to choose a product that doesn’t have any chemicals that could be bad for them. It’s also important to have something that is vegan and gluten-free. You don’t have to give up your health for a vitamin, even if these are choices you make as part of your food or things you need to do to keep your digestive system healthy. It doesn’t make sense to do that. Then, look for UTI medicines that are gluten- and vegan-free.

Antibiotic-Free Is Good for Your Health

Vitamins and minerals are not medicines. In fact, they help the body heal itself. And because of this, you don’t want to make things worse by using antibiotic-containing goods, like those used to make ingredients. If you take too many medicines, the good bacteria in your body can be destroyed. This lets the bad bacteria grow quickly, which speeds up the start of your UTI.

Getting Advice From a Doctor Gives You Confidence

It can also help many people to choose a product that their doctor suggests. Look for a product that qualified doctors have said they would use on their own patients and that you can trust. For this kind of vitamin, it’s even better if the doctors are urologists, which are doctors who specialize in the health and well-being of the urinary system.

Fast-Acting Results

There are some products on the market that won’t work right away. You don’t want to wait around for the medicine to work when you have a UTI that makes it painful to go to the bathroom. When you take the best vitamins, they begin to work right away.

Because they have a lot of good nutrients, they do this. Cranberry, for example, has a high dose that reduces the amount of bacteria in the body almost right away. This can help you heal faster.

One example is 36PAC from Utiva, which works very well because it has 36 mg of proanthocyanins (PACs). These are things that are known to be good for the urinary system.

Customer Satisfaction Matters

Reading reviews from people who have tried the product before and found it helpful can be the most important thing you can do to improve your health. That’s very important for a product that isn’t very well known and is very specific, like vitamins that help avoid UTIs. Check to see if the product helped lessen the number of times someone got a UTI and if it helped with the signs of those UTIs in the first place.

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Last Thoughts

When you think about your last UTI and hope you never get another one, finding a product that can help your immune system is very important. As a UTI prevention supplement, Utiva Health’s 36PAC + D-Mannose Bundle is the best choice because it has a lot of cranberry and D-Mannose to help your body keep germs at bay. This is why you should take it every day with your vitamins. Learn more about what you can do.