Towing From One State to Another

When it comes to state to state towing, the professionals at Autostar Transport are ready to help. Our clients always have the piece of mind that comes with our dependable services and readiness to go the additional mile, both literally and metaphorically. We have a stellar reputation as a result of our 16+ years of experience.

Our long-distance towing services are commonly used by a diverse clientele who are freed of the worry and anxiety of ensuring that their car is transported safely and efficiently. If you want to understand more about our resources and skills, please read the following guide.

Top Reasons to Use Autostar Transport

A Vast Knowledge Base

You have access to a wealth of experience by using our helpful services. With over 16 years of experience, we have had plenty of opportunity to fully perfect our skill set. All of the assignments we’ve taken on throughout the years have given our staff a variety of opportunity to improve our services. We recognize how difficult this process may be and want to remove all of the uncertainty for you. Even the most complex towing requests are processed as quickly as possible according to our processes.

A Reliable Carrier Network

Our extensive network of licensed and skilled carriers is distributed across the country, allowing us to more easily organize services for our clients. This guarantees that your car stays safe and secure during the drive. Managing long-distance towing services has never been easier thanks to a large network of carriers.

Individualized Service

We at Autostar Transport recognize that this is not a one-size-fits-all approach. That is why we are here to ensure that each towing request is handled uniquely. Our solutions are tailored to the particular requirements of each client. We can assist you whether you have a motorbike, specialist vehicle, luxury automobile, or standard-size vehicle. With our knowledge and equipment on standby, we can respond to any emergency as swiftly and effectively as possible.

Communication + Transparent Tracking

We understand that long-distance towing can be difficult, and there will always be occasions when you need to learn faster. When questions and concerns emerge, you need to know that you have a team in place that can respond quickly. We are more than delighted to supply our clients with regular updates during the procedure so that worry and anxiety do not escalate. Our skilled staff knows your requirements and offers a sophisticated tracking system with real-time monitoring capabilities.

Services That Are Inexpensive

As you can see when you use our services, we take pleasure in being a cost-effective solution for a wide range of consumers. You will be pleasantly pleased when you compare the cost of our services to more typical short-distance towing. For example, did you know you could fly from Albany, NY to Austin, TX for $1,290? Long-distance towing services from Miami, FL, to New York City, NY, on the other hand, would set you back $895.

It is crucial to remember that these estimates are for a standard car. These rates may vary depending on the market, the season, and the mode of transportation.

Advantages of Long Distance Towing Service

When you want a dependable solution for all of your long-distance towing requirements, our services will undoubtedly meet the bill. We take pleasure in being a stress-free and highly efficient solution. Let’s take a deeper look at all of the benefits we have to offer before you contact us. Allowing us to manage your long-distance towing problems allows for a more smooth operation.


We take all effort possible to ensure that your vehicle gets at its destination on schedule. Our crew also takes the essential precautions to minimize vehicle wear and tear by avoiding excessive mileage.

Peace of Mind

Instead of driving lengthy distances or coordinating many modes of transportation, our staff can take over and let you relax. This is especially important for people who are unable to handle long drives on their own.

Extensive Knowledge

We have a plethora of knowledge that we can draw on during these travels because we have managed several long-distance towing operations in the past. The car will be delivered safely and securely.

Managing Every Stage of the Process

If you want to understand more about this procedure, please click here. Meanwhile, let us walk you through each step.

Booking and Scheduling

We provide a useful summary of the scheduling procedure, emphasizing the significance of providing proper information regarding the pickup, drop off, and vehicle itself.

Getting the Vehicle Ready

All required preparations, such as vehicle security and the correct packing of critical things, are discussed ahead of time.

Transportation and Loading

During this phase, the loading procedure, appropriate towing equipment, and the availability of covered trailers are all reviewed. The additional security is critical.

Communication and Monitoring

We explain why we are prepared to provide regular updates and provide tracking capabilities. The significance of open communication channels is also emphasized.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kinds of Automobiles Are Being Towed?

Autostar Transport tows a wide range of vehicle types, including trucks, automobiles, SUVs, motorbikes, and vans. It makes no difference whether the vehicle is a specialist vehicle or a standard-sized car. We have the necessary experience and equipment.

How Is This Type of Service Requested?

Our devoted crew may be reached via phone. You may also fill out an online form on our corporate website by clicking here. Make sure to include the most crucial information, such as your exact requirements, the location of your car, and its destination. We will then walk you through each stage of the process and offer you with a helpful price.

Will My Car Be Insured During the Process?

In a nutshell, sure. All of Autostar Transport’s carrier partners carry the necessary insurance. Any unforeseeable accidents that may occur are addressed with ease. Our primary goal is straightforward: to connect you with qualified carriers.

Will My Car Be Insured During the Process? How Long Will It Take To Complete the Process?

The duration of your travel will determine the response, but our team will work relentlessly to make the procedure as efficient as possible.

How Will the Vehicle’s Location Be Monitored?

We are delighted to offer a handy tracking system. The location of your car may be tracked in real time. Our internet portal and customer support team are constantly available to provide critical updates. This provides our clients with the peace of mind that they require throughout such a voyage.

Can I Bring My Personal Stuff With Me?

We urge that any personal things be removed from the car prior to towing. This increases safety and helps you to stay in compliance with transportation rules. However, if particular situations or needs emerge, we are available to provide appropriate counsel.

What if My Car Isn’t in Working Order?

When it comes to handling nonoperational automobiles, our crew has extensive experience. In these cases, wheel lift towing and flatbed towing are available. If your car is not currently functioning, please let our staff know during the towing conversations, and we will gladly assist you in making the necessary preparations.

How Much Can I Expect to Spend on Long-Distance Towing?

A variety of factors influence costs, including distance, needs, vehicle type, and current market circumstances. We provide affordable prices and tailored quotations based on your individual requirements. Contact our team as soon as possible to learn more about all of the ways we can help you with your long-distance towing needs.

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Selecting the Best Long Distance Towing Service

Reputation and experience should always be at the top of the list. A proven track record and valuable expertise are pivotal. Proper insurance and licensing cannot be compromised on either. Lastly, you should be taking the time to check out testimonials and customer reviews. These help you to gauge the reliability of the service. So, when it comes to state to state towing, choose Autostar Transport, a reputable company that has experience giving you peace of mind that all the details are taken care of. Call today to learn more.