Top 7 Benefits of Studying the MBBS Course on Your Career

It is tough and satisfying to pursue a profession in medicine. And one of the most popular degrees in the medical sector is MBBS, for which close to 90,000 students enrol each year. However, earning a degree from the MBBS colleges in Mumbai, such as Terna Medical College also holds many benefits for both professional and personal development, in addition to providing access to a wealth of medical opportunities. 

Still, having second thoughts about choosing a medical degree? If so, please read our blog, which will shed light on the best seven advantages of enrolling in the MBBS programme and how it might affect your career.

Table of Contents:

  1. MBBS- Course Information
  • Course Highlights
  • Career Opportunities 
  1. Essential Career Benefits of Studying the MBBS Course
  2. To Sum Up
  3. FAQs


MBBS- Course Information

A tremendous amount of patience and skill is needed to complete the lengthy MBBS programme. And, the curriculum for this course, which is followed by Terna Medical College, one of the MBBS colleges in Navi Mumbai, teaches students about various medical specialties, human anatomy, and how to diagnose and treat particular illnesses. 

Course Highlights 

Some crucial specifics about the MBBS degree are tabulated below:

MBBS Full-Form  Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Level of Education  Undergraduate 
Course Duration  5.5 years
MBBS Entrance Exam  NEET
Eligibility Criteria 
  • Must study Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in your 10+2 level of education.
  • Obtain a minimum aggregate of 50% in your 12th grade.
  • Shall have a valid NEET score.
  • Minimum Age Limit- 17 years.


Career Opportunities 

Apart from clinical practice or enrolling in an MD course, graduates of the MBBS colleges in Mumbai can explore careers in the following areas:

  • Medical Writing
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Medical Education
  • Medical Journalism
  • Public Health
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Entrepreneurship in the Healthcare Sector.

Essential Career Benefits of Studying the MBBS Course

In addition to the limitless work options, a medical education, which is also provided by the MBBS colleges in Mumbai, can have a good impact on your career in various ways. Let us get into more depth about a few of them:

  • Global Recognition and Scope

The MBBS degree enjoys great international acclaim; it is highly recognised and esteemed in multiple nations all over the world. Additionally, the MBBS degree holders have the chance to work overseas, learn about various healthcare systems, and have a good impact on the world. This range further guarantees outstanding employment prospects, with chances to network with medical specialists around the world and experience different cultures.

  • Comprehensive Education and Skills Development

An in-depth grasp of human anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and other disease processes is provided to students as part of the MBBS curriculum, which covers a wide range of medical topics. Hence, the best private medical colleges in Mumbai assist aspirants in honing critical reasoning, problem-solving, and decision-making skills that are crucial in the medical industry. Additionally, hands-on experience gained through practical training in hospitals and clinics guides students to become better prepared for medical difficulties they may face in the real world.

  • Lifetime Learning Opportunities

Research, technology, and treatment choices are constantly improving in the field of medicine, which is a dynamically growing profession. So having an MBBS degree guarantees a lifetime of ongoing education. Additionally, you will regularly upgrade your knowledge and skills as a healthcare practitioner to stay abreast of the most recent advancements in medicine. By continuing to study, you can give your patients the finest care possible while simultaneously improving your career opportunities.

  • Job Security

The need for skilled medical workers is consistently great. Every culture views doctors as crucial contributors, and the expanding demand for healthcare services ensures job stability. In light of this, the medical colleges in Navi Mumbai guarantee its students a future with solid employment. This degree further offers chances for professional development and specialisation, offering doors to higher employment, and research in addition to financial security.

  • Making a Positive Impact on Lives

A career in medicine requires you to commit your life to helping others. Therefore, the MBBS programme enables you to positively influence and enhance the lives of many others. Also, your work as a doctor has a huge impact, whether it is diagnosing and treating illnesses, performing operations that save lives, administering preventive care, or just providing comfort and support. Overall, MBBS is a very gratifying career choice due to the great satisfaction gained from positively affecting people’s lives.

  • Opportunities for Research and Innovation

Doctors who investigate novel treatment modalities, create cutting-edge procedures, or contribute to medical breakthroughs are the ones who propel medical science forward. Consequently, you have the choice to pursue research and innovation if you hold an MBBS degree. Furthermore, graduates of MBBS medical colleges in Mumbai have the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on healthcare and influence the future of medicine due to their capacity to make important contributions through research and innovation.

  • Prestige and Respect

A certain amount of prestige and respect in society are associated with being a doctor. And, people from all walks of life are aware of and grateful for the sacrifices, years of hard work, and dedication needed to obtain an MBBS degree. Additionally, the respect that patients have for their doctors fosters a special bond that not only improves professional relationships and fosters good patient care but also leads to personal pleasure.


Are there any difficulties in pursuing an MBBS?

Studying for the MBBS demands commitment, effort, and many study sessions, just like any other difficult degree. Additionally, the clinical rotations and internships you must do at MBBS colleges in Mumbai or other institutions can be intellectually and physically challenging.

Is studying MBBS a lucrative career choice?

Yes, pursuing an MBBS course can help you launch a highly rewarding profession as doctors are in high demand globally. Moreover, their earnings are generally quite substantial.

What job options are available after attending the MBBS colleges in Mumbai?

Graduating from the MBBS colleges in Mumbai opens up various job options, including becoming a general practitioner, specialist doctor, medical researcher, healthcare administrator, or even pursuing teaching roles.

Which is the most challenging MBBS subject?

The MBBS syllabus structure includes many topics like Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, ENT, etc. Among these, Anatomy is regarded as the most challenging subject and one of the key topics in laying the foundation.

For how long do MBBS students study?

MBBS students require different amounts of study time each day; some may just need 5 hours, while others may need more than 9 hours. Nevertheless, the vast syllabus and challenging subjects call for greater time spent on independent study.

To Sum Up

Completing the MBBS degree opens doors to excellent benefits. And, beyond professional development, earning a degree from the MBBS colleges in Mumbai enables you to make a difference in people’s lives and get respect in society. Most importantly, a career in medicine allows you to change the world in a significant way while also being personally satisfying.