The Benefits of Internship in a Pharmacy Degree Program

Are you pursuing a degree in pharmacy? Did you know, you can secure lucrative employment post-completion of your graduation, if you pursue an internship? The hands-on experience you gather with your internship helps you to bridge the gap between academic and on-field expertise. 

Through this blog, we shall help you identify various benefits you can acquire with an internship during or post your pharmacy degree from the private pharmacy colleges in Tamilnadu. Let us delve into the insights.

Table of Contents:

  1. About Pharmacy degree
    1. Course highlights 
    2. Curriculum design 
  2. Top 7 benefits of an internship in a pharmacy degree 
  3. Tips to secure an internship 
  4. Conclusion 
  5. FAQs


About Pharmacy degree

Cheran College of Pharmacy offers UG and PG-level degree courses. A degree in Pharmacy is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate. Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) is a 4-year undergraduate program, while its master’s counterpart M.Pharm is offered for 2 years in different specialisations.  

Course highlights 

Let us look at the course highlights of private pharmacy colleges in Tamilnadu.

Course B Pharm M Pharm
Course type Under-graduation Post-graduation
Duration 4 years 2 years
Specialisation Foundational  Pharmaceutics


Pharmaceutical analysis

Eligibility 10+2 with 50% from a recognised board B Pharm holder with a min. Of 50% from a PCI/AICTE-approved college or university.


Doctoral-level programs like Pharm D are also available, with a duration of 5 years at private pharmacy colleges in Tamilnadu. Pharm.D (Post Baccalaureate) is an expert postgraduate program in Pharmacy that spans over 3 years. 

Curriculum design 

B Pharm is designed with a semester mode delivery spread over 4 years. A list of core courses offered at the best pharmacy colleges in Tamilnadu include-

  • Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Remedial Mathematical Biology
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Anatomy, Physiology and Health Education
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  • Pathophysiology of Common Diseases
  • Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence & Ethic

M Pharm is offered in specialisations at private pharmacy colleges in Tamilnadu. Students can opt for such specialisation depending on their interests and merit. A basic understanding of each of the specialisations is given below- 

Specialisation Major subjects
Pharmaceutics Drug Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology
Pharmacology Advanced pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, toxicology, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacovigilance.
Pharmaceutical analysis Advanced pharmaceutical analysis, separation techniques, method validation, quality control and assurance, regulatory affairs, bioanalytical techniques, and forensic analysis.


Top 7 Benefits of an Internship in a Pharmacy Degree 

Internships play a crucial role in all degree programs from private pharmacy colleges in Tamilnadu, as they offer students valuable practical experience and exposure to real-world pharmacy settings. Let’s look at the benefits of completing an internship as part of a degree from the B pharm colleges in Coimbatore- 

  • Clinical Experience: For a BPharm graduate, it is essential that you gain hands-on clinical experience. The internship is an essential platform that allows students to apply the knowledge and skills essential to a lucrative career in the field.
  • Develop industry-relevant skills- Beyond dealing with medical equipment and pharmaceutical knowledge, you need competency in soft skills via patient interactions, dealing with documentation, etc. for patient-centred care. 
  • Drug formulation understanding– It is important to note that different chemical formulations have different impacts on patients. As an intern you develop an understanding of the patient’s past medical history, analysing drug formulations and subsequently making decisions regarding suitable doses. 
  • Exposure to varied pharmaceutical settings– As an intern, you work for varied healthcare institutions, from govt. To private with different patient capacity. Dealing with issues beyond medical science includes logistics, hospital management, regulatory compliances, cultural differences, etc. Such exposure gives you a foundational experience to work in a healthcare environment. 
  • Professional networking– During the internship, you shall encounter experienced professionals, and work under the guidance of doctors, paramedics, nursing staff, etc. Such professional interactions give room for networking and guidance in prospering in the field. 
  • Professional development- An early career setting like an internship is the best platform to develop critical thinking, analytical reasoning and leadership qualities beyond theoretical knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. 
  • Financial independence- Many of the interns get stipends during their tenure. Such financial support is crucial and can also help you pay off any educational loans, family maintenance or personal expenses. 

Tips to secure an internship 

An internship can be a game changer in your academic curriculum. It is one of the most competitive parts of the curriculum. Here are five tips that students of private pharmacy colleges in Tamilnadu can follow to secure an internship- 

  • Plan in advance– If you are looking forward to pursuing an internship, we recommend shortlisting areas where you would like to work. For such decision-making, you can shortlist healthcare institutions, professional experts, etc. in the region where or with whom you aspire to work. 
  • Building your portfolio– Build an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) friendly resume or cover letter for prospective employers. Include the relevant coursework, lab visits, projects, research, etc. that you undertook during your degree program. 
  • Networking– Reach out to your faculties, colleagues, batchmates, etc. to develop a professional network. Most pharmacy colleges are affiliated with medical institutions. It is easier to secure an internship with a recommendation from an established professional. 
  • Apply virtually– Reach out to potential institutions, clinics and other healthcare facilities through offline or online applications. You can use LinkedIn to directly stay in touch with a potential employer. 
  • Prepare for an interview– There are chances that you might be asked to appear for an interview. Brush up on the basic concepts, maintain confidence and you can also seek guidance from faculties and batchmates regarding ways to prepare for challenging interviews. 


How to get an internship with a pharmacy degree?

To get an internship you need to apply to pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, hospitals, or community pharmacies. Network with professionals and apply online in the area of your choice. 

Which internship is best for pharmacy students?

The best internships for pharmacy students can vary but may include hospital, clinical, research, or retail pharmacy internships.

Is an internship necessary for BPharm?

Yes, an internship is typically for students pursuing pharmacy degree programs to gain practical experience, and professional development and meet academic requirements. 

Do Pharmacy interns get paid in India?

Yes, in most cases pharmacy interns in India receive stipends. However, the amount varies depending on the organization and location.

What are the skills of a pharmacy intern?

Pharmacy interns should possess skills like pharmaceutical formulations, medication management, patient interaction, attention to detail, communication skills, etc. 


Completing a pharmacy internship is often a mandatory requirement for graduating from the degree program. The best B Pharm colleges in Tamilnadu inculcate internships in their academic curriculum. By now we are sure, you are aware of the edge an internship can get you in your professional as well as personal development. Identify the areas you would like to intern in and kick-start your career with an internship.