Questions to Ask When Hiring Fort Collins Xmas Light Installers

The holidays are a magical time of year, and decorating your home with beautiful Christmas lights helps set the festive mood. However, installing outdoor lighting properly requires skill, planning, and specific equipment. Rather than risk injury or damage by taking on elaborate light displays yourself, consider hiring a professional Christmas light installation company.

Numerous Christmas light installers will love to deck your halls if you live in the Fort Collins, CO, area. But how do you choose the right pro for the job? Before signing any contracts, make sure to ask these critical questions.

What Services Do You Offer?

The first thing to discover is what type of outdoor lighting services a Fort Collins lights company provides. Do they handle lighting displays of all sizes, from tiny homes to massive commercial properties? Make sure they have experience with the scale you have in mind.

You’ll also want to learn about the different lighting options available. Topics to discuss include:

  • Christmas light installation Fort Collins options like traditional incandescent vs. LED
  • Different shapes, sizes, and colors of bulbs
  • Special effects like snowfall projection, music-synced dancing lights, etc.
  • The use of controllers to operate elaborate animated displays
  • Timing options to make sure the lights turn on and off automatically

How Do You Handle Tricky Installations?

While some homes have easily accessible single-story exteriors, not all properties are simple to decorate. Explain your home’s unique traits, like multiple stories, steep roofs, tall trees, etc. Reputable companies will explain how they safely install lights on challenging buildings.

You’ll also want to ask:

  • Do they own boom lifts and other special equipment to reach high locations?
  • Are the installers adequately insured, licensed, bonded, and background-checked?
  • What safety protocols do they follow to prevent falls and other hazards?

Getting clear answers up front protects you from unqualified installers who cut corners on safety and complex installations.

What About Cord Management?

Few things look tackier than Christmas lights haphazardly strung around a home with cords chaotically snaking in all directions. Quality lighting professionals know how to run wires and camouflage connections neatly for a clean, orderly appearance.

During quotes, ask how the cords will be secured and positioned. Reputable Christmas lighting companies have techniques like:

  • Attaching lights flush to surfaces using clips
  • Running wires through covered raceways along the roof and wall lines
  • Bundling up excess cordage out of sight
  • Digging underground trenches for buried line voltage wires on more significant properties

Learning about their cord management standards helps avoid getting stuck with an unattractive, unprofessional display.

Do You Have Examples of Your Work?

The best way to gauge a lighting contractor’s capabilities is to see past displays they created. Legitimate installers have before-and-after photos, videos, and client testimonials that give you a preview of what they can accomplish.

Viewing project examples also shows if their lighting style matches your vision. Carefully examine their previous work to find a pro who shares your design sensibilities.

How Are You Different from Competitors?

Once you review a company’s experience and see photos of their lighting handiwork, the next thing to ask is what makes them unique compared to other options in the area. Every installer has the advantages that set them apart.

They may use exclusive tech to create intricate custom light shows. Or they may employ patented techniques that speed up installation with fewer laborers. There are all types of ways stellar contractors go above standard competitors.

Pay attention to unique strengths that appeal to what you want from your display. This gives insight into who excels at specialized skills like dancing lights, RGB mix-and-match colors, mega-watt effects, and advanced controllers.

Do You Provide Other Holiday Decorations?

While spectacular light displays are the main focal point, complementary decorations help tie everything together. Find out what other decorative services your Fort Collins Christmas lights installer offers.

Besides illumination, most full-service companies provide accents like:

  • Wrapped faux greenery with ribbons for bushes and banisters
  • Oversize ornament and bow decor on outdoor structures
  • Holiday yard inflatables, wire sculptures, and staked decorations
  • Themed decorative wreaths for front doors and columns
  • Custom decorative signs with family names or greetings

Getting everything from one company ensures all your decor works in style, theme, and color.

What About Removal and Storage?

An elaborate, professionally installed light display takes substantial time and labor to disassemble after the holidays. Before hiring an installer, discuss what post-season removal help they provide since tearing down intricate displays is challenging.

Ideally, the same team who strings up the lighting returns to take everything down in an orderly fashion. Qualified installers use efficient techniques like:

  • Categorizing each component during removal for easy reinstallation
  • Packing components with care to prevent tangling and damage
  • Providing secure offsite storage so decorations stay protected year-round

Clarify all removal, packing, and storage specifics so you know decorations get removed safely by experienced workers. That saves future frustration trying to detangle thousands of light bulbs yourself next season.

How Early Should I Book?

Although the holidays may seem far away, quality Christmas lights companies book up fast, especially for larger multi-day installation jobs. When interviewing Fort Collins area installers, inquire how far in advance you realistically need to hire them.

Ideally, you’ll want to bring a pro on board at least a couple of months before the busy winter season starts. Confirm timelines and sign agreements sooner rather than later to access the best talent. Rush jobs attempted at the last second typically prove frustrating for all involved.

Do You Offer Free Quotes?

The final key question is whether the installer provides free, no-obligation quotes for new customers. Reputable lighting specialists offer cost estimates free of charge. That lets you preview potential pricing without paying just for a quote.

Be wary of any company asking you to pay upfront without seeing a breakdown of anticipated expenses. Quotes should always come complimentary before signing binding contracts. However, quotes do not guarantee pricing, which may fluctuate based on unforeseen needs at installation time.

Get Your Fort Collins Home Holiday Ready

Using this guide of questions provides tremendous insight into picking the best possible Christmas lights partner. Be sure to get quotes from multiple installers before deciding on a lighting company. Comparing several solid options side-by-side helps identify the ideal fit.

Soon, your home will dazzle with stunning Christmas cheer thanks to the handiwork of a true lighting pro. Just make sure to start the hiring process nice and early! If you need additional guidance or recommendations on outdoor lighting fort Collins Colorado Christmas light installers, contact the expert team at Brilliant Christmas Lights.