PSL Highest Score Batsman 2021

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is one of the most anticipated T20 cricket tournaments in the world, featuring top-class players from around the globe. In the 2021 season, several batsmen showcased their skills and entertained fans with their remarkable performances. In this blog we will discuss about PSL Highest Score Batsman 2021.

This article will delve into the highest-scoring batsmen of PSL 2021, analyzing their statistics, impact, and contributions to the league. Let’s explore the top performers who left a lasting impression on fans and pundits alike.

Top Performers in PSL 2021

PSL 2021: An Exciting Season of T20 Cricket

PSL 2021 witnessed thrilling matches, intense rivalries, and exceptional individual performances. Among the standout batsmen, four players stood tall with their consistent run-scoring ability and impactful contributions. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Babar Azam: The Run Machine

Babar Azam, the captain of Karachi Kings, demonstrated why he is regarded as one of the finest batsmen in the world. With his elegant strokeplay and impeccable timing, Babar amassed runs consistently throughout the tournament. His ability to anchor the innings and accelerate when needed made him a vital cog in his team’s success.

Colin Munro: The Aggressive Opener

Colin Munro, representing Islamabad United, showcased his aggressive style of batting, providing blistering starts to his team. His ability to hit boundaries at will and put the opposition under pressure made him a feared batsman in the tournament. Munro’s powerful striking and fearless approach made him a valuable asset in his team’s quest for glory.

Sharjeel Khan: The Power-hitting Sensation

Sharjeel Khan, making a comeback after serving a suspension, made a resounding impact in PSL 2021. Known for his explosive batting, Sharjeel entertained the crowds with his ability to clear the boundaries effortlessly. He achieved the highest individual score in the tournament, leaving a lasting impression with his aggressive strokeplay.

Fakhar Zaman: The Consistent Performer

Fakhar Zaman, representing Lahore Qalandars, proved his mettle as a consistent performer with his impactful batting displays. His ability to score briskly and provide solid starts laid the foundation for his team’s success. Fakhar’s adaptability to different match situations and his ability to convert starts into substantial innings made him a dependable batsman in PSL 2021.

Statistical Analysis of PSL 2021 Batsmen

Analyzing the Batting Statistics

To understand the dominance of the top batsmen in PSL 2021, let’s delve into their individual statistics, showcasing their exceptional performances.

Most Runs Scored: Babar Azam

Babar Azam led the run-scoring charts in PSL 2021, amassing an impressive total of XXX runs throughout the tournament. His consistency and ability to score runs in pressure situations were instrumental in Karachi Kings’ triumph. Babar’s elegant strokeplay, impeccable technique, and hunger for big scores were a treat for cricket enthusiasts.

Highest Individual Score: Sharjeel Khan

Sharjeel Khan’s scintillating knock of XXX against Multan Sultans stood as the highest individual score of PSL 2021. His innings were filled with powerful hitting and aggressive strokes that left the opposition bowlers hapless. Sharjeel’s ability to dominate the bowlers and change the course of the game in a single inning made him a fan favorite.

Highest Batting Average: Babar Azam

In addition to scoring the most runs, Babar Azam also achieved the highest batting average in PSL 2021. With an average of XXX, Babar showcased his consistency and ability to convert starts into significant contributions for his team. His sublime touch and ability to play match-winning innings cemented his reputation as a batting maestro.

Most Sixes Hit: Colin Munro

Colin Munro’s aggressive batting style resulted in him hitting the most sixes in PSL 2021. His ability to clear the boundaries with ease brought excitement to the crowds and demoralized the opposition. Munro’s power-hitting skills and fearless approach made him a key player for Islamabad United.

Impact of PSL 2021 Performances on International Cricket

PSL: A Platform for Talent Showcase

The performances in PSL 2021 had a significant impact on the players’ careers, opening doors to international opportunities and cementing their positions in their respective national teams. Let’s explore how the top batsmen fared in terms of their impact on international cricket.

Babar Azam’s Rise to the Top

Babar Azam’s exceptional performances in PSL 2021 further solidified his position as one of the world’s best batsmen. His consistency and ability to adapt to different formats of the game earned him recognition and respect from cricketing legends and experts worldwide. Babar’s performances in PSL 2021 were a stepping stone to his continued success on the international stage.

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Sharjeel Khan’s Redemption

Sharjeel Khan’s impressive comeback in PSL 2021 after a suspension period opened the doors for his return to international cricket. His powerful hitting and aggressive approach made him a player to watch out for, igniting hopes for his inclusion in the national team. Sharjeel’s redemption story was a testament to his determination and talent.

International Opportunities for Colin Munro

Colin Munro’s performances in PSL 2021 showcased his ability to dominate in the shortest format of the game. His power-hitting skills and fearless approach attracted the attention of selectors, leading to his inclusion in international squads. Munro’s exploits in PSL 2021 set the stage for him to make an impact on the international stage.

Fakhar Zaman’s Consistency Rewarded

Fakhar Zaman’s consistent performances in PSL 2021 earned him recognition and rewarded him with opportunities in the national team. His ability to provide solid starts and score runs consistently made him a valuable asset for Pakistan cricket. Fakhar’s contributions in PSL 2021 played a crucial role in securing his place in the international setup.


Who scored the most runs in PSL 2021?

Babar Azam emerged as the highest run-scorer in PSL 2021, amassing XXX runs.

Which player had the highest batting average in PSL 2021?

Babar Azam achieved the highest batting average in PSL 2021, with an average of XXX.

Who hit the most sixes in PSL 2021?

Colin Munro hit the most sixes in PSL 2021, showcasing his power-hitting abilities.

Did PSL 2021 performances impact national team selections?

Yes, impressive performances in PSL 2021 opened doors to international opportunities for several players and influenced national team selections.

Where can I watch the highlights of PSL 2021?

You can watch highlights of PSL 2021 on the official PSL website or on popular video-sharing platforms like YouTube.


PSL 2021 witnessed some exceptional batting performances, with players like Babar Azam, Sharjeel Khan, Colin Munro, and Fakhar Zaman making a lasting impact. These players not only entertained the fans but also showcased their skills, earning recognition and opportunities on the international stage. PSL continues to be a platform for talent showcase, providing a stage for players to excel and leave their mark on the cricketing world.