PSL 8 Trophy With 24K Gold

Breaking: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) unveils PSL 8 trophy with 24K Gold at the unveiling ceremony at Shalimar Gardens, Lahore. There was a whole ceremony dedicated to the first look of the stunning PSL 8 Supernova trophy. Najam Sethi (Chairman of PCB) was also in this ceremony as this event was his idea. The PSL trophy unveiling event lasted for nearly three hours.

Additionally, the trophy looks absolutely stunning as it has a star on top of it made of gold. However, the trophy looks similar to PSL 2019 trophy. Because it almost has the same design except for an obvious 24K gold star on top of it. The star symbolizes the national cricket team of Pakistan.


Moreover, the trophy has beautified titanium panels with 9,907 sparkling zircon stones embedded in them. The trophy has three pillars that represent the national team’s slogan of Unity, Passion, and Strenght.

Additionally, the zircon stones are engraved on these three pillars giving it a very shiny and attractive look. The dimensions of the PSL 8 trophy also match the trophy of the Pakistan Super League 2019 edition. The trophy is 65 centimeters long with a 16-centimeter 24K gold star on top.

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Furthermore, it weighs eight kilograms but has a very mesmerizing look to it. As it glazes a golden beam when put in front of the light. But the design looks the same as the previous trophies. It may create some fuss over the internet because PCB really needed to do some changes in the trophy design.

Other PSL 8 trophies for the man of the match, batsman of the tournament, and many others will also be made public within a few hours.


What is the PSL 8 Trophy with 24K Gold?

The PSL 8 Trophy with 24K Gold is the prestigious championship trophy awarded to the winner of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 8. It stands as a symbol of excellence and achievement in the realm of cricket, showcasing intricate craftsmanship and opulence with its incorporation of genuine 24K gold elements.

What makes the PSL 8 Trophy with 24K Gold special?

The PSL 8 Trophy distinguishes itself by its exquisite design and luxurious materials. Crafted with attention to detail, the trophy features a blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics, with 24K gold accents enhancing its elegance. This exceptional piece not only embodies the spirit of cricket but also represents the pinnacle of victory in the PSL tournament.

How is the PSL 8 Trophy with 24K Gold crafted?

The crafting process of the PSL 8 Trophy involves skilled artisans meticulously molding and shaping the trophy using high-quality materials. The trophy’s base incorporates genuine 24K gold, highlighting intricate motifs that pay homage to cricket’s heritage. Every detail is carefully attended to, resulting in a masterpiece that encapsulates the tournament’s essence and grandeur.


The PSL 8 Trophy with 24K Gold stands as an emblem of triumph and dedication within the realm of cricket. Its fusion of artistic design and opulent materials reflects the tournament’s significance and celebrates the prowess of the victors. Crafted with meticulous care, this trophy embodies the essence of the Pakistan Super League’s season 8, forever encapsulating the spirit of competition and the pursuit of excellence in the world of cricket.