PSL 8 Replacement Draft Date

Sources: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced PSL 8 replacement draft date as Tuesday, Jan 24, 2023. Additionally, PCB agrees to make the total player count twenty. So, each team will get to pick two more supplementary players in each team on the same day. It allows each franchise to pick one local player and one foreign player from the supplementary draft.

What is the PSL Replacement Draft?

The PSL replacement draft is a player-picking event in which each team will replace its players. In addition, only those players who will not be able to play in PSL 2023 will get replaced. Reasons for not participating in the tournament may include their personal will, injuries, or participation in their national cricket series.

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PSL 8 Replacement Draft Date

The PSL 8 replacement draft date is set on Tuesday, January 24. Moreover, this event will lead us to the final PSL 8 teams. Changes couldn’t be made after this event. If the players are unavailable to play even after the replacement draft, the respective team won’t have a choice to replace him. However, the team will select another player from the final picked team of 20 players for its playing XI.

Additionally, PSL 8 replacement draft choices will be made in a live event. In this event, each franchise participating in PSL 8 will make vital choices. Because their future depends on these choices. As each team has already picked its best players in PSL 2023 draft event.

At this point, it is much more difficult to find a replacement for your best player from the same PSL 8 draft. After each franchise has finalized its players, PCB will release the PSL 8 replacement draft results in a press release and in a press conference.

PSL 8 Draft Additional Supplementary Player Pick Order

PCB’s PSL 8 Draft Additional Supplementary Player Pick Order Credits: PCB

As mentioned earlier in this post, Najam Sethi (Chairman of PCB) decided to add two more players to each PSL 8 squad. Hence, the player count of each team adds up to a total of twenty players. Moreover, the franchises will have their turn to pick a player as announced. However, PCB has also released the pick order for the two additional supplementary players.


What is the PSL 8 Replacement Draft Date?

The PSL 8 Replacement Draft Date refers to the scheduled event where teams participating in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) Season 8 can select replacement players for those who are unable to participate due to various reasons such as injuries, international commitments, or other unforeseen circumstances.

How does the PSL 8 Replacement Draft work?

During the PSL 8 Replacement Draft, participating teams have the opportunity to pick replacement players from a pool of available options. These replacement players are chosen to fill in for team members who are unable to take part in the tournament. The draft follows a selection order, usually determined by the team’s performance or other criteria in the tournament. The process allows teams to maintain their competitive balance and strengthen their squads as the tournament progresses.

Is the PSL 8 Replacement Draft Date subject to change?

While every effort is made to adhere to the initially scheduled PSL 8 Replacement Draft Date, it’s important to note that unforeseen circumstances can lead to changes in the dates. Factors such as weather conditions, logistical challenges, or other issues might necessitate a rescheduling of the draft date. Fans, teams, and stakeholders are advised to stay updated through official PSL channels for any announcements regarding changes in the draft schedule.


The PSL 8 Replacement Draft Date is a crucial event within the Pakistan Super League, ensuring that teams have the chance to reinforce their squads with replacement players.

As the PSL continues to captivate cricket enthusiasts, the replacement draft adds a dynamic element, allowing teams to adapt to changing circumstances and maintain the competitive spirit of the tournament. Fans eagerly anticipate this event, recognizing its significance in shaping the trajectory of PSL Season 8.