Peshawar Zalmi Won Match 02 (KKvsPZ) of PSL 8

Peshawar Zalmi Won Match 02 (KKvsPZ) of PSL 8 Image

Feb 14, 2023: Peshawar Zalmi won match 02 (KKvsPZ) of PSL 8 against Karachi Kings. Karachi Kings win the toss and elected to field first. Meanwhile, Peshawar Zalmi got to bat first. Babar Azam led his team very well and was successful in giving a 200 runs target.

However, Karachi Kings’ innings were also not bad. But they did lose some early wickets like the wicket of Sharjeel Khan, Qasim Akram, and Haider Ali. In contrast, Shoaib Malik and Imad Wasim got to bat as their life depends on it. They came up with a 100+ runs partnership but still were not able to win the match.

Peshawar Zalmi Won Match 02 (KKvsPZ) of PSL 8 Summary

KK VS PZ Match Summary (Match 02) Image

Here’s the playing XI and the lineup for match 02 of the PSL 8.

Karachi Kings VS Peshawar Zalmi Playing XIs

Karachi Kings Logo Image
  1. Matthew Wade
  2. Sharjeel Khan
  3. Haider Ali
  4. Qasim Akram
  5. Shoaib Malik
  6. Imad Wasin (C)
  7. Ben Cutting
  8. Andrew Tye
  9. Imran Tahir
  10. Mir Hamza
  11. Mohammad Amir
Peshawar Zalmi logo image
  • Mohammad Haris
  • Babar Azam (C)
  • Saim Ayub
  • Tom-Kohler Cadmore
  • Bhanuka Rajapaksa
  • Jimmy Neesham
  • Shakib Ul Hasan
  • Wahab Riaz
  • Khurram Shehzad
  • Sufiyan Muqeem
  • Salman Irshad

Match # 02: Peshawar Zalmi Batting

PZ Batting Scoreboard KK vs PZ (Match 02) Image

Mohammad Haris and Babar Azam opened up really well and started to hit boundaries. Babar also hit a four to Mohammad Amir which heated up the environment at the National Cricket Stadium. However, Haris got out early and Saim Ayub replaced him. But Saim also got himself out.

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Consequently, a dangerous batsman Tom-Kohler Cadmore came to bat and started hitting boundaries. Both Babar and Tom made their fifty from just 39 and 28 balls respectively. Their partnership lasted for more than 10 overs. It led them to secure 139 runs for Peshawar Zalmi.

Tom-Kohler Cadmore played magnificently in KKvsPZ (match # 02) as he fiercely made 92 runs off 50 balls. Meanwhile, he did get to make a century in the PSL 8. However, he did not get disappointed as he said in talk after his batting. He said, “I was not looking to make a century”. Furthermore, he also said that he was only trying to put more runs on the scoreboard.

Afterward, Bhanuka Rajapaksa and Jimmy Neesham contributed to some extent. But then Tom-Kohler got out in the last overs and Shakib ul Hasan came to bat in his place of him. However, Jimmy Neesham made some runs and led the grand total to 199.

Match # 02: Karachi Kings Bowling

KK Balling Scoreboard KK vs PZ (Match 02) Image

Mohammad Amir started the bowling but was not able to take any wickets in the first over. However, some fans were expecting him to take Babar out. But luck had other plans for Babar Azam. Then Mir Hamza showed his metal and sent Mohammad Hairs back to the Zalmi players.

Hamza also run out Saim Ayub while he bowled the very same ball. Then Karachi Kings’ bowlers were not able to do much except enjoy the partnership between Babar and Tom-Kohler. After some time, Imran Tahir bowled and Babar tried to hit a six but got out. Andrew Tye took the catch and ensured the dismissal of Babar.

Moreover, Imad Wasim and Andrew Tye got the wickets of Rajapaksa and Neesham. At that point, the match got interesting as Karachi Kings did not let Tom complete his century and stopped Peshawar Zalmi at the 199 run mark.

Match # 02: Karachi Kings Batting

KK Batting Scorecard Match 02 (KK vs PZ) Image

As mentioned earlier, KK started to bat very slowly at the beginning. In the very first over, Wahab Riaz took the wicket of Sharjeel Khan. However, Matthew Wade kept the game going by hitting some balls out of the boundary. However, he also got out after playing 15 balls. Wade scored 23 runs with 2 fours included.

Consequently, Haider Ali replaced Sharjeel Khan and Qasim Akram replaced Matthew Wade. Haider was part of Peshawar Zalmi in the previous seasons of the Pakistan Super League. But Karachi Kings traded him for Babar Azam. Qasim Akram did not stand for long as he got out at only 7 runs from 10 balls. The same goes for Haider who scored only 12 runs in match 02 (KKvsPZ) of the PSL 8.

As the match went further, the skipper of Karachi Kings Imad Wasim replaced Qasim Akram. On the other hand, Shoaib Malik took the place of Haider Ali. At the start, they were struggling but they finally found their pace. Their partnership came up with 100+ runs and took the chase near to the target with one and a half over remaining.

Both Shoaib and Imad scored thrilling a fifty from 39 and 30 balls respectively. However, in the 19th over, Wahab Riaz bowled a good bouncer and Haris took a wonderful catch. At this point, everyone was uncertain because Karachi Kings still had Ben Cutting to play. And there were some extra balls as Wahab Riaz and Salman Irshad delivered no balls. But Karachi Kings did not get the advantage of it.

However, Imad Wasim and Ben Cutting played really well. Imad gave his best to win the match but they didn’t. At the last ball, Karachi Kings needed 10 runs to defeat Peshawar Zalmi which was not possible. Imad hit a big six at the last ball but it was for nothing. As a result, Peshawar Zalmi won match 02 (KKvsPZ) of PSL 8 against Karachi Kings magnificently. On the contrary, it was a great effort by Imad and he was not out with 80 runs from just 49 balls at the end of KK’s innings.

Match # 02: Peshawar Zalmi Bowling

PZ Bowling Scorecard Match 02 (KK vs PZ) Image

Babar Azam gave the ball to Wahab Riaz in the first over. And Wahab beautifully took the wicket of Sharjeel on his first ball. Then Jimmy Neesham bowled really well and sent Wade back to be with his other team members. Moreover, after just two overs, Neesham took another wicket from KK’s Qasim Akram.

Additionally, Salman Irshad also bowled a good length and did not let Haider Ali stand for long. Afterward, everyone tried to take a wicket but was not able to do so. Peshawar Zalmi’s performance got sloppy in the middle overs and the last ones too as they dropped many catches and gave free hits to Karachi Kings’ batsmen.

Khurram Shehzad and Shakib Ul Hasan did not get any wickets in this match. But then Wahab bowled an amazing bouncer to Shoaib Malik and the ball went high up in the sky. Mohammad Haris ran to take the catch and did. However, after that Wahab also bowled no balls.

The same goes with Khurram Shehzad as he also delivered a no-ball in the last over. But Babar guided him very well so he could control the batsman and stop him from making further runs. In the last over, he defended 16 runs which lead to Peshawar Zalmi’s victory. In such a way, Peshawar Zalmi won under the captaincy of Babar Azam.


How did Peshawar Zalmi secure their victory in Match 02 of PSL 8?

Peshawar Zalmi’s victory in Match 02 against Karachi Kings was a result of their exceptional teamwork and skillful performance. Their batsmen put up a strong total, supported by effective bowling and fielding efforts that put pressure on the opposition. This combination allowed them to outperform Karachi Kings and secure the win.

Who were the standout performers for Peshawar Zalmi in this match?

Several players from Peshawar Zalmi contributed to their victory in Match 02. The batsmen, led by a standout performance from one of their key players, played a crucial role in setting a competitive total. On the bowling front, the team’s bowlers demonstrated discipline and skill, consistently taking wickets and restricting Karachi Kings’ run-scoring opportunities.

How does this victory impact Peshawar Zalmi’s standing in PSL 8?

Peshawar Zalmi’s victory in Match 02 of PSL 8 provides them with a positive start to the tournament and boosts their confidence moving forward. It earns them valuable points in the league standings, positioning them favorably in the early stages of the tournament. This win also sends a message to other teams that Peshawar Zalmi is a force to be reckoned with in PSL 8.


In a thrilling encounter between Karachi Kings and Peshawar Zalmi during Match 02 of PSL 8, cricket enthusiasts were treated to an exhilarating display of skill and determination. Peshawar Zalmi emerged victorious, showcasing their prowess with both bat and ball. Their remarkable teamwork and strategic gameplay allowed them to outshine Karachi Kings and secure a well-deserved win. This match serves as a testament to the competitive spirit and excitement that the Pakistan Super League continues to bring to cricket fans worldwide.