PCB Releases PSL 8 Match Officials List

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) releases the PSL 8 match officials list on Feb 07, 2023. Additionally, this list includes the names of umpires referees who are going to be part of the PSL 8. Aleem Dar, Ahsan Raza, Nasir Hussain, and many other famous umpires are on this list. Moreover, this list also has the names of Ali Naqvi, Iftikhar Ahmed, Javed Malik, and more as the PSL 8 match referees.

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As the Pakistan Super League 2023 is getting closer, PCB announced the match officials consisting of umpires and match referees. Furthermore, PCB hired most of the local yet internationally recognized umpires like Aleem Dar and Nasir Hussain. But it also has some foreign names on it like Martin Saggers, Michael Gough, and Richard Illingworth. Meanwhile, the match referees list consists of Ali Naqvi, Iftikhar Ahmed, Javed Malik, Mohammad Anees, and Roshan Mohanama.

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PSL 8 Match Officials List & Details (Umpires)

Name Nationality Umpiring
ICC Umpire
Of The Year
Panel Of Umpires
ICC’s International
Panel Of Umpires
Aleem Dar Pakistan 22 Years 142 219 69 2009, 2010, 2011 Yes
Ahsan Raza Pakistan 12 Years 5 40 72 Yes
Alex Wharf England 4 Years 2 11 36 Yes
Asif Yaqoob Pakistan 7 Years 4 12 15 Yes
Faisal Khan Afridi Pakistan 4 Years 2 4 4 Yes
Richard Illingworth England 12 Years 60 77 27 2019, 2022 Yes
Ruchira Palliyaguruge Sri Lanka 11 Years 9 84 40 Yes
Martin Saggers England 3 Years 3 12 Yes
Michael Gough England 9 Years 28 70 22 Yes
Nasir Hussain Pakistan
Mohammad Asif Pakistan
Shozab Raza Pakistan 10 Years 24 37
Rashid Riaz Pakistan 4 Years 8 22 Yes
Tariq Rasheed Pakistan


What is the PCB PSL 8 Match Officials List?

The PCB PSL 8 Match Officials List refers to the roster of qualified and appointed match officials for the eighth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL). These officials include umpires and referees responsible for maintaining the integrity and fairness of the cricket matches throughout the tournament. The list is carefully curated by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to ensure that highly skilled and experienced individuals oversee the matches and uphold the spirit of the game.

How are match officials selected for PSL 8?

The selection process for match officials in PSL 8 involves a comprehensive assessment of their skills, experience, and performance. The PCB appoints a panel of qualified individuals with a deep understanding of cricket’s rules and dynamics to evaluate and choose the officials.

The panel considers factors such as the officials’ track record in previous tournaments, their adherence to the code of conduct, and their ability to make accurate decisions under pressure. This rigorous selection process aims to provide the players and fans with a top-notch cricketing experience.

What role do match officials play in PSL matches?

Match officials play a crucial role in maintaining the fairness and authenticity of PSL matches. Umpires are responsible for making on-field decisions, such as judging LBW appeals, declaring boundaries, and ensuring fair play.

Referees oversee the conduct of players, support staff, and officials, and they address any disciplinary issues that may arise during the matches. These officials collectively contribute to the smooth flow of the game and the enforcement of cricketing regulations.


The release of the PCB PSL 8 Match Officials List signifies the PCB’s commitment to organizing a successful and fair cricketing event. The selected umpires and referees, chosen through a rigorous process, bring their expertise and integrity to the matches, ensuring that players and fans can enjoy the tournament with confidence in the authenticity of the outcomes. As the PSL 8 unfolds, these match officials will play an integral role in upholding the spirit of cricket and contributing to the overall excitement of the event.