PCB Delays PSL Replacement Draft Date

Sources: PCB delays PSL replacement draft date to Jan 25, 2023. Previously, Najam Sethi announced the PSL 8 replacement draft date as Jan 24, 2023. The reason behind this delay is that teams are still checking certain players about their availability. Specifically, the availability issue is not just with foreign players but also with local players.

Additionally, Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchises requested PCB to convey a message to specific players. These players include the ones playing in Bangladesh Premier League or BPL. Most Pakistani players like Haris Rauf, Iftikhar Ahmed, Khushdil Shah, and many more are currently playing in BPL. However, BPL matches will end on Feb 16, 2023.

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PSL franchises showed great concerns regarding their health and fitness. As the players are constantly performing in BPL but this could have a negative impact on PSL.

So, PCB requested all these players to come back to Pakistan by Feb 02, 2023. If they kept playing in the Bangladesh Premier League, they can get unfit to play in PSL. Hence, this arising issue could ruin the franchise’s strength and performance.

As PCB delays the PSL replacement draft date, the PSL fans are getting anxious. The uncertainty about the unavailability of players is worsening. It may lead the PCB management committee to take immediate action about revealing the availability of players. Moreover, today was also the day when franchises were supposed to pick additional supplementary players for their teams. But now, this event will also occur tomorrow. Therefore, the PCB will reveal the true PSL 8 team squads by tomorrow.

Furthermore, this decision of the PCB management committee shows their inability to keep up with the schedule. Najam Sethi is currently handling these issues as it pleases him. The news is still ambiguous that PCB will release the PSL 8 replacement draft by tomorrow. PSL fans are eagerly waiting to see the final squads of the team they are supporting.


Why has the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) delayed the PSL (Pakistan Super League) Replacement Draft date?

The PCB has decided to postpone the PSL Replacement Draft date due to unforeseen circumstances that have affected the scheduling and logistics of the event. This delay ensures that all stakeholders can make necessary arrangements and that the draft process can be conducted smoothly.

How will the delay in the PSL Replacement Draft date impact the teams and players?

The delay may provide teams with additional time to strategize and assess their squad requirements, which could potentially lead to more informed player selections during the Replacement Draft. Players will also have more time to prepare and be available for the draft, reducing the chances of missing out due to scheduling conflicts.

When can we expect the rescheduled PSL Replacement Draft to take place?

The PCB is actively working to finalize the new date for the PSL Replacement Draft. The board is considering various factors to ensure the draft aligns with player availability, team preparations, and broadcast arrangements. An official announcement regarding the rescheduled date will be made as soon as it is confirmed.


In light of unforeseen circumstances, the PCB’s decision to delay the PSL Replacement Draft date demonstrates their commitment to upholding the integrity and fairness of the league. This delay allows teams to better plan their strategies and ensures that players have a fair chance to participate in the draft. The PCB’s transparent approach in communicating the reasons for the delay and their efforts to establish a new date exemplify their dedication to delivering a successful and well-executed Pakistan Super League.