Novogradac Advertises The Promotion of Nine Managers to Principal Throughout Country

Novogradac, a national consulting and accounting agency promoted nine managers to principal. They include Justin Chubb Lurya in Long Beach, California; Sun-Ae Woo, Ken Do, and Colette Drexel of Walnut Creek, California; Joyce Hsia from San Francisco; Alexis Ruane from Malvern, Pennsylvania; Donald Sabine and Stacy Gordon of Dover, Ohio; and Jodie Fish of Portland Oregon. In this blog we will discuss about Novogradac Advertises The Promotion of Nine Managers to Principal Throughout Country.

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Novogradac specializes in cost-effective housing, historic preservation, renewable energy, and community development projects with 59 principals in over 25 cities of the country.

The managing partner of Novogradac, Michael J. Novogradac stated that he is happy to promote Colette, Alexis, Sun Ae, Justin, Jodie, Donald, Stacy, and Ken to a principal level and the expansion of the leadership team in the organization will boost the customer service of Novogradac.

Chubb Lurya focuses on cost-effective housing and community development, such as new market tax credit (NMTC), limited income housing tax (LIHTC), opportunity zones (OZ) organizations, and historic rehabilitation tax credit (HTC). Chubb Lurya also has enormous expertise with charitable agencies and reviewing the needs of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), California Housing Finance Agency, California Housing and Community Growth workplaces, and the Office of Management and Budget Uniform Guidance.

Furthermore, he is in charge of offering conventional review and tax solutions, different forecasting and consulting solutions, and has significant experience with structuring HTC, NMTC, OZ, and LIHTC transactions. Lurya has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of California, Berkeley. He has a public accountant license from the city of California.

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Do offers tax, audit, and consulting solutions for charitable organizations, syndicators, and realty developers in the cost-effective housing sector. He provides litigation support engagements solutions and structure and design of monetary frameworks for top realtyventure holdings and implementation of these frameworks in a database environment. Consulting solutions offered by Do are comprehensive participation in portfolio management assistance and evaluation of significant dispositions and acquisitions of realty assets. He graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s degree in business economics and has a public accountant license.

Drexel offers budget summary review, tax return arrangement, and consulting solutions. He also focuses on charitable agencies, realty partnerships, private trusts, homes, and people with significant net worth. Drexel has broad experience in developing audits and assessment forms for charitable and revenue-driven organizations that are complying with NMTC, LIHTC, HUD, Uniform Guidance, and California Housing Finance Agency.

Furthermore, she develops cost segregation investigations for realty properties for rent. She has immense addition to the Historic Tax Credit Handbook from Novogradac, Journal of Tax Credits from Novogradac, and Year 15 Handbook from Novogradac. Drexel graduated with a bachelor’s degree in urban studies and a graduate degree in realty development from the University of Southern California, She has another master’s degree from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in accounting. She is an authorized accountant, licensed in state of California.

Fish works in OZs, LIHTCs, NMTCs, and HTCs. As well as giving different consulting solutions, he works widely on fiscal report audit, assessment return arrangement, final expense accreditations, monetary forecasts, and settled upon methodology engagements.

Prior to joining Novogradac, he had quite a while of involvement with Northwest CPA firms, where he offered accounting, auditing, business advisory, and tax compliance solutions to producers, living nursing facilities, workers for hire, land engineers, landowners, charitable agencies, and employee benefit arrangement. Also, Fish has cost and accounting expertise with people, firmly held associations, S organizations, LLCs, and C enterprises. Fish is a simple contributor at Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits and has a presentation on topics relating to accounting and tax in different conferences. Fish additionally fills in as the Treasurer for an Oregon charitable association. It graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an accounting major from Portland State University. He is accredited in Oregon as a certified accountant.

Gordon has huge involvement in cost-effective housing, tax credit value assets and asset reviews, different consulting and attestations solutions, final cost accreditation reviews, and local, state, and federal tax solutions for partnerships, LLCs, and corporations. Gordon works broadly with partners, engineers, financial backers, and tax reduction/asset compliance organizations.

She has expertise in LIHTC, ventures and realty partnerships, tax-absolved bond-financed developments, and project development sectors. Additionally, she has immense experience with tax returns and charitable organization audits, alongside consolidated agencies. Since becoming a member of the organization in 2012, she has been associated with directing Construction Loan Administration and Multifamily Accelerated Processing Quality Control (HUD) audits for banks. Gordon acquired a bachelor’s degree in business admin from Mount Union College, alongside a marketing major and a minor in financial matters. She is an Ohio-based accredited accountant.

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