New team in PSL 8?

A few months back, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced the PSL 8 date. We have seen in previous seasons that there were five teams at the start of the PSL. But a sixth team was introduced in the 2017 Pakistan Super League under the name Multan Sultans. The question is, will there be a new team in the eighth season of PSL?

New Team?

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The current chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Mr. Ramiz Raja, has shown an interest in making PSL 8 much better than the previous seasons. The men’s coach, Saqlain Mushtaq, has the same thoughts. They might be thinking of introducing a new team in the 2023 Pakistan Super League.

PSL Teams

As of now, there are six teams in the PSL. When the Pakistan Super League started in 2015, there were only five teams representing the five main cities in Pakistan. The PCB felt the need for a new team in the 2017 Pakistan Super League. So, they decided to make a whole new team. Therefore, now there are six PSL teams till season 7.

These teams were named:

  • Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Karachi Kings
  • Lahore Qalandars
  • Quetta Gladiators
  • Peshawar Zalmi
  • Multan Sultans (introduced in 2017).

The Benefits of Introducing a New Team

  • Uplifting the rising talent of Pakistan
  • There were opportunities for new cricket players so that their talent could prevail.
  • making the season and the PSL itself more exciting, competitive, and thrilling.
  • The PCB is likely to get more sponsors.
  • Cricket’s representation of a new city
  • Development of cricket in Pakistan.
  • Getting more attention from people towards domestic tournaments

So, it will be a good decision to introduce a new team in PSL 8. It has all the plus points. Fans are looking forward to something new and exciting happening in the upcoming season of the PSL League. As a Pakistani, I also want to see a revolutionary step taken in the 2023 PSL.


Is it true that a new team will be introduced in PSL 8?

Yes, indeed! The upcoming Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 8 will feature an exciting addition to the league—a new team that will join the existing franchises in the competition.

How was the new team selected to join PSL 8?

The selection process for the new team in PSL 8 involved a comprehensive evaluation by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Various factors, such as financial stability, management capabilities, and potential fan base, were considered to ensure the new team’s viability and contribution to the league’s growth.

What impact will the new team have on PSL 8?

The introduction of a new team is expected to inject fresh energy and enthusiasm into PSL 8. It will lead to more intense matches, increased fan engagement, and a broader talent pool. The new team’s participation will further elevate the league’s status as one of the premier T20 cricket tournaments in the world.


The inclusion of a new team in PSL 8 marks an exciting chapter in the league’s history. As cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the upcoming season, the addition of this new franchise promises to enhance the competition’s dynamics and offer fans a captivating display of talent and sportsmanship. The Pakistan Cricket Board’s efforts in selecting a deserving team reflect the commitment to fostering the growth of cricket in the region and ensuring the PSL remains a globally acclaimed cricketing extravaganza.