Multan Sultans Picks – PSL Career & Stats

Multan Sultans picks Mohammad Rizwan, David Miller, Rilee Rossouw, Adil Rashid, and many more. Multan Sultans have always been seen struggling since the team is playing in Pakistan Super League since 2018. In the last season of PSL, Sultans reached in finals but lost to Lahore Qalandars in a sensational match. As of now, the team is still in great balance from the perspective of the overall experience of the picked players.

Multan Sultans, the sixth additional team of PSL, was included in PSL from PSL 2018. PCB decided to sell this team in a different manner than the others. In addition, Schön Properties bought the team for US$5.2 million for PSL 2018. After one season, they were not able to pay the money and as result, they lost ownership of Multan Sultans.

Moreover, Alamgir Khan Tareen, son of Jahangir Tareen decided to buy this franchise. He signed the contract to pay US$5.2 million annually in exchange for the ownership of Multan Sultans. Furthermore, he is still the owner of this mega-franchise. Alamgir Tareen and Haider Azhar, the COO and assistant manager, always choose Multan Sultans picks very wisely.

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Andy Flower is the head coach for Sultans while Abdul Rehman is the assistant coach. Adding more information, Mushtaq Ahmed is the spin bowling coach, and Ottis Gibson is the fast-bowling coach. However, the Fielding and Strength & Conditioning Coach are Richard Halsall.

Multan Sultans Picks: Unveiling PSL Career & Stats

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) has emerged as a thrilling platform for cricket enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing exceptional talent and fostering fierce competition. Among the franchise teams that have graced the league, Multan Sultans stand tall, not only for their spirited performances on the field but also for their strategic player selections. Let’s delve into the PSL career and stats of Multan Sultans picks, shedding light on their journey and contributions.

PSL Career & Stats: A Glance into Multan Sultans’ Picks

Multan Sultans joined the PSL caravan in 2018, bringing with them a unique blend of experienced cricketers and promising youngsters. Over the years, their player selections have played a pivotal role in shaping their journey in the league.

The inaugural season of PSL in 2018 saw Multan Sultans picking players who brought stability and dynamism to their lineup. Players like Shoaib Malik, Kumar Sangakkara, and Sohail Tanveer were the backbone of the team. Shoaib Malik’s leadership and all-around skills, combined with the experience of Sangakkara, provided a strong foundation. Tanveer’s bowling prowess added a touch of versatility to the team’s strategy.

In subsequent seasons, the team continued to make shrewd selections, focusing on both local and international talent. The likes of Shan Masood, Junaid Khan, and Shahid Afridi joined the ranks, showcasing their prowess in batting, bowling, and all-round performances. The acquisitions added depth to Multan Sultans’ squad, allowing them to adapt to varying match situations effectively.

PSL Career Stats: Multan Sultans’ Impactful Players

  • Shoaib Malik: A seasoned campaigner, Shoaib Malik’s contributions were not just limited to his captaincy but also his consistent batting performances. With a knack for anchoring the innings and guiding the team, Malik’s runs often proved invaluable.

  • Shan Masood: An elegant top-order batsman, Shan Masood’s solid technique and ability to build innings made him a crucial asset for Multan Sultans. His performances at the crease often set the tone for the team’s batting displays.

  • Sohail Tanveer: The left-arm seamer’s ability to swing the ball and pick up crucial wickets in the powerplay made him an essential part of the team’s bowling unit. His early breakthroughs often tilted the match in Multan Sultans’ favor.


How has Multan Sultans’ performance been in PSL overall?

Multan Sultans have showcased a mix of competitive spirit and consistency in the PSL. While they haven’t clinched the championship, their performances have been noteworthy, with multiple playoff appearances.

Who are some notable emerging players that Multan Sultans have picked?

Multan Sultans have a knack for spotting emerging talent. Players like Mohammad Ilyas, Zeeshan Ashraf, and Khushdil Shah have risen through the ranks, showcasing their potential and contributing to the team’s success.

How does Multan Sultans’ approach to player selection differ from other PSL teams?

Multan Sultans’ player selection strategy combines experience with youthful energy. They aim to strike a balance between seasoned international players and promising local talents, ensuring a well-rounded squad.


In conclusion, Multan Sultans’ journey in the PSL has been marked by strategic player selections and the rise of emerging talents. While they continue to chase the elusive championship title, their contributions to the league’s legacy remain significant. As PSL marches on, cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Multan Sultans’ enthralling story, eager to see their picks shine on the grand stage.

Mohammad Rizwan
PAK Batsman & Wicket-keeper Platinum Lahore Qalandars – 20(16,17)
Karachi Kings – 20(18-20)
Multan Sultans – 20(21-23)
233 / 12

167 / 12
50* / 25.88

34 / 20.87
Stumping dismissals = 6 / 11
4 / 10
2,635 Runs / 80
Shan Masood PAK Left-handed batsman Diamond Multan Sultans 20(19-23) 1,082 / 33 88 / 32.78 – / 19 395 Runs / 19
David Miller SA Left-handed batsman Platinum Debut 2,147 Runs / 111
Rilee Rossouw SA Left-handed batsman Diamond Multan Sultans – 20(20-23) 664 / 30 – / 11 699 Runs / 26
Usman Khan PAK Right-handed batsman Silver Quetta Gladiators – 2021
Multan Sultans – 2023
150 / 6 81 / 25.00 – / 3
Tim David ENG All-rounder Gold Lahore Qalandars – 2021
Multan Sultans – 20(22-23)
180 / 6

278 / 11
64* / 45.00

71 / 39.71
1 / 12

1 / \10
714 Runs / 22
Anwar Ali PAK All-rounder Silver Quetta Gladiators – 20(16-21)
Multan Sultans – 20(22-23)
222 / 26

6 / 2
28* / 13.05

5 / 3.00
23 / 12

2 / 5
109 Runs & 10 Wickets / 16
Khushdil Shah PAK All-rounder Diamond Peshawar Zalmi – 20(17,18)
Multan Sultans – 20(20-23)
13 / 3

540 / 29
8 / 4.33

70* / 33.75
– / 1

18 / 15
309 Runs / 24
Abbas Afridi PAK All-rounder Emerging Karachi Kings – 2021
Multan Sultans – 20(22,23)
27 / 1

6 / 2
27* / –

5 / 3.00
4 / 1

3 / 0
Mohammad Sarwar PAK All-rounder Silver Debut
Arafat Minhas PAK All-rounder Supplementary Debut
Shahnawaz Dahani
PAK Bowler Gold Multan Sultans – 20(21-23) 6 / 4 6* / 6.00 37 / 9 32 Wickets /10
Adil Rashid ENG Right-arm leg-break bowler Supplementary Debut 89 WIckets / 88
Josh Little IRE Bowling all-rounder Platinum Debut 42 Wickets / 39
Akeal Hosein T&T Slow left-arm orthodox bowler Gold Debut 82 Wickets / 95
Usama Mir PAK Bowler Silver Karachi Kings – 20(16-22)
Multan Sultans – 2023
28 / 9 10 / 4.66 18 / 4 54 Wickets / 66
Ihsanullah PAK Right-arm fast bowler Emerging Multan Sultans – 20(22,23) 3 / 2
Sameen Gul PAK Slow left-arm orthodox Silver Peshawar Zalmi – 20(18,19)
Multan Sultans – 2023
10 / 4 7*/ – 23 / 19