MSvsQG: Sarfaraz Failed To Resurrect Quetta Gladiators

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MS vs QG: Sarfaraz failed to resurrect Quetta Gladiators in the match against Multan Sultans on Feb 15, 2023. In addition, he is the current captain of Quetta Gladiators who only made 1 run in MSvsQG. Quetta Gladiators’ batting lineup broke down and scored only 110 runs. Moreover, taking players like Mohammad Hafeez and Umar Akmal proved to be a bad decision for them.

Sarafaraz is the captain of QG since the start of the Pakistan Super League in 2016. Additionally, he has 1,314 runs to his name in the previous seven editions of PSL. Even after having the world’s top batters including Jason Roy and Martin Guptill, they failed badly in proving their strength. Despite having the world’s top all-rounders like Iftikhar Ahmed, Mohammad Nawaz, and Sarfaraz Ahmed, they lost their honor.

MSvsQG: Sarfaraz Failed to Resurrect Quetta Gladiators – History & Detail

Quetta Gladiators has been struggling since the start of PSL and they also won in 2019 under the captaincy of Sarfaraz Ahmed. However, Gladiators have lost their charm after their win in PSL 2019. Additionally, in PSL 2020, they were in the fifth rank, and in PSL 2021, they degraded themselves to one more rank.

However, later in PSL 2022, Quetta Gladiators improved their performance and ended up in the fifth rank. But the fifth rank means nothing as it means that their performance in PSL 2022 and PSL 2020 was the second worst among the six teams.

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Since winning PSL 2019, Quetta Gladiators have not made it to even semi-finals in any of the Pakistan Super League seasons. Furthermore, This is an alarming situation for the administration and team of Quetta Gladiators. Because they are continuously defeating other teams in every PSL season. Here’s the Quetta Gladiators’ success in the previous seasons of the Pakistan Super League since 2020:

Year PSL Rank Matches
Matches Won Net Run Rate
2020 5th 10 1 5 -0.722
2021 6th 10 0 4 -0.589
2022 5th 10 0 4 -0.708
Quetta Gladiators’ Performance Since PSL 2020

Moreover, his performance in the recent exhibition match was outstanding. On Feb 05, 2023, Sarfaraz Ahmed’s great captaincy prevailed and his team made 184 runs total with the loss of 5 wickets in 20 overs. However, he himself did not play well as he was able to make only 4 runs from 12 balls. Therefore, his personal performance is not very great but he sure does have great captaincy experience in international cricket.

Evidently, Quetta Gladiators needed to resurrect themselves in their first match of the PSL 8. But they lost the match with great humiliation by the Multan Sultans’ bowlers. However, their bowling was satisfactory up to some extent but they also failed in the PSL 8 match 03 against Multan Sultans.


What was the recent match between MS and QG about?
The recent match featured Multan Sultans (MS) facing off against Quetta Gladiators (QG) in a thrilling cricket encounter.

Why is Sarfaraz Ahmed mentioned in relation to Quetta Gladiators?
Sarfaraz Ahmed is the captain of Quetta Gladiators. He is known for his leadership and batting skills, and has been tasked with resurrecting the team’s performance in the tournament.

Did Sarfaraz Ahmed’s efforts to revive Quetta Gladiators prove unsuccessful?
Yes, despite Sarfaraz Ahmed’s efforts, Quetta Gladiators faced a setback in the match against Multan Sultans. The team couldn’t secure a victory, raising questions about their overall performance.


Sarfaraz Ahmed’s leadership and determination to revive Quetta Gladiators were evident in the recent match against Multan Sultans. However, despite his efforts, the team was unable to secure a victory, highlighting the challenges they have been facing in the tournament. The match showcased the competitive nature of the league and the unpredictable outcomes it can bring. As the tournament progresses, fans and cricket enthusiasts will keenly watch how Sarfaraz Ahmed and Quetta Gladiators adapt and strive to turn their fortunes around.