Ihsanullah Dismantled Quetta Gladiators’ Batting Lineup

Ihsanullah Dismantled Quetta Gladiators' Batting Lineup Image


Multan Sultans’ pacers especially Ihsanullah dismantled Quetta Gladiators’ batting lineup. He got five wickets in the Multan Sultans VS Quetta Gladiators (MSvsQG) match on Feb 15, 2023. He took the wickets of Jason Roy, Sarafaraz Ahmed, Iftikhar Ahmed, Umar Akmal, and Naseem Shah. Meanwhile, both Abbas Afridi and Sameen Gul get to take two wickets each. Usama Mir also got a wicket in the sensational match between MS and QG.

Ihsanullah, an emerging right-arm fast-bowler from Khyber Agency, Pakistan. Additionally, he also bowled at 150.2 kph at the start of the innings. No one stood in front of the pace of Ihsanullah tonight. All of the Quetta Gladiators’ top batting submitted to his bowling attack.

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Moreover, Abbas Afridi also bowled really well and took the wicket of Bangalzai and Mohammad Hafeez who was looking dangerous at the end of the match. On the other hand, Sameen Gul sent Martin Guptill and Mohammad Husnain back to the QG’s box. Furthermore, Mohammad Nawaz let Usama Mir take his wicket.

In the previous match of MSvsLQ, Ihsanullah was successful in taking two major wickets. But unfortunately, Multan Sultans did not win that match and Lahore Qalandars won by just 1 run. But tonight, Ihsanullah played with different energy and cleared the QG’s top-end batters.

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At the end of QG’s inning, he perfectly bold Mohammad Husnain right after when Husnain hit a six to him. Therefore, it’s not a lie when someone says “Ihsanullah Dismantled Quetta Gladiators’ Batting Lineup”. Overall, all the bowler’s performances were amazing and absolutely sensational.

In a thrilling cricket match that had fans on the edge of their seats, Ihsanullah’s remarkable performance led to the dismantling of Quetta Gladiators’ batting lineup. With precision and skill, Ihsanullah’s bowling proved to be the turning point of the game. This article delves into the details of Ihsanullah’s outstanding display and its impact on the match outcome.

A Rising Star: Ihsanullah’s Background

Early Beginnings and Cricketing Journey

Ihsanullah’s journey in cricket began at a young age when he showcased his talent in local matches. His dedication and consistent performance earned him a spot in the national team, where he continued to refine his skills.

A Multi-Talented Player

Not limited to just batting, Ihsanullah’s proficiency in bowling came as a surprise to many. This additional skill set added a unique dimension to his gameplay, making him an asset in crucial matches.

The Showdown: Ihsanullah vs. Quetta Gladiators

A Strategic Opening Spell

As the match commenced, Ihsanullah’s captain strategically placed him as the opening bowler. Armed with his accurate line and length, he immediately put pressure on the Quetta Gladiators’ opening batsmen.

Early Wickets and Building Pressure

Ihsanullah’s skillful deliveries yielded quick wickets, putting the Quetta Gladiators on the backfoot. His ability to swing the ball both ways made it challenging for the batsmen to read his deliveries accurately.

A Game-Changing Over

In a pivotal over, Ihsanullah displayed remarkable burstiness, claiming a hat-trick of wickets. The crowd erupted in cheers as the Gladiators’ middle order crumbled under his relentless assault.

Impact on the Match

Shifting Momentum

Ihsanullah’s devastating spell of bowling shifted the momentum firmly in his team’s favor. The pressure on the Gladiators intensified as they struggled to build partnerships amidst the relentless onslaught.

Psychological Blow

Beyond the wickets he took, Ihsanullah’s fierce performance had a psychological impact on the opposing team. Batsmen faced a dilemma of whether to attack or defend, leading to poor shot selection and further breakthroughs for his team.


How did Ihsanullah’s early wickets affect the match’s dynamics?

Ihsanullah’s early wickets created pressure on the Gladiators, causing them to lose key batsmen and struggle in building partnerships.

Was this Ihsanullah’s first exceptional performance?

While Ihsanullah has consistently performed well, this match stands out as one of his most remarkable displays due to the crucial wickets he took.

How did Ihsanullah’s dual skills impact his team’s strategy?

Ihsanullah’s proficiency in both batting and bowling allowed his team to strategize more flexibly, enhancing their overall gameplay and tactics.


Ihsanullah’s exceptional display of bowling prowess left an indelible mark on the match. His ability to dismantle Quetta Gladiators’ batting lineup showcased his all-round skills and earned him a rightful place as the game-changer. As the cricketing world applauds his performance, one thing is clear – Ihsanullah is a force to be reckoned with.