How to Recover Lost Word Files On Mac PC

All users care about their Mac and the info on it. All of the files on the device are very important to you, whether they are papers, pictures, or any other type of file. You can’t risk missing them. Problems with software, the system, the files, and other related things happen to a lot of Mac users. These issues could be caused by normal gadget use or by some other mistake. These kinds of problems are very annoying, but you can solve them if you act wisely.

Generally, this happens while deleting duplicate files from your computer. You can obviously use apps like Duplicate File Finders to sort them out. Just like the name, these apps allow you to eliminate the multiple copies of the same file in the system. Hence, you can not only run the system perfectly but can also improve the performance of the device. However, if the data is already been deleted and you don’t know what to do to recover it. We have brought to you the actual best-repairing methods through this article.

Tips And Tricks To Recover Deleted Files On Mac Computers

Below are some of the best ways that you can try out to get your lost data back on Mac laptops or desktops. There’s no need to try them all out, you just need to walk your way through the methods till you find the one that works best for you.

Method1: Recover From Trash Bin

When you remove files from a folder, they are permanently removed from sight. However, you won’t be able to delete them from your PC until you empty the Trash. You may get a leg up on the procedure by following these steps.

Step1: Pressing the Trash icon in the bottom right corner of your Mac’s screen will open the Trash folder.

Step2: For the Put Back option, right-click on the file name. The file’s original location will be restored.

Method2: Recover The Word File From The Temporary Folder

The misplaced Word document you want can be in the temporary folder on your Mac. If you want to verify what’s in the temporary folder, try this:

Step1: Launch the Terminal Program.

Step2: Hit the Enter key after entering the following command:


Step3: To see the files, enter “ls” once again. To find your document, go to the TemporaryItems subdirectory.

Step4: Try to locate the misplaced file. Make sure you save a duplicate to a different place after you locate the Word document you need.

Method3: Recover Using OneDriver Application\

In order to restore a file to an earlier version from inside Word using OneDrive, follow these instructions. Here are the steps to complete the recovery:

Step1: Go to the Word document’s preferences and open the most current version.

Step2: Select Browse Version History from the File menu in Word.

Step3: A window will pop up that lists every version of the file that has been saved before.

Step4: To restore to a prior version, just pick it and hit the Restore button.

Method4: Use AutoRecovery To Get Your Word Files Back

You may retrieve accidentally deleted Word documents on a Mac using the AutoRecovery function of Microsoft Word. By default, this feature is enabled during program installation. It will automatically save a copy of all active documents every 10 minutes.

To change the app’s saving interval, you may adjust this parameter to your liking. You may restore a Word document to its last saved state in the event that the program or your machine crashes while you are editing it. Repairing a Macintosh Word document that was accidentally deleted:

Step1: Launch the Mac’s Finder.

Step2: Choose the whole machine as the destination.

After that, go ahead and type “AutoRecovery” into the search bar. A list of files will be shown to you. Start by typing “AutoRecovery save of,” and then enter the name of the Word document you want to restore.

Step3: To recover a file, just double-click on it. Doing so will launch Microsoft Word to see the file.

Step4: Pick “Save As” from the File menu.

Step5: Before you hit the Save button, rename the file and choose a new folder to save it to.

Final Thoughts:

We hope that the different methods mentioned in this write-up have helped you get your deleted Word files back. If in case, none of these methods worked for you, then try contacting a professional. Moreover, if you are facing any difficulties performing the methods above, drop your queries in the comment box below. We would be very happy to help you out.