How a Bachelor of Engineering Course Can Jumpstart Your Career

Engineering is one of the most sought-after and rewarding careers in India. But what makes engineering so popular and lucrative? And how can a bachelor of engineering course help you achieve your career goals?

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of pursuing a bachelor of engineering course, the various specialisations and opportunities available at BE colleges in Navi Mumbai, and the skills and qualities required to succeed as an engineer.

Table of Contents

  1. Bachelor of Engineering Course: Overview
  2. Benefits of Pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering Course
  3. Specialisations in Engineering
    1. Computer Science Engineering
    2. Mechanical Engineering
    3. Electrical Engineering
    4. Civil Engineering
  4. Opportunities in Engineering
  5. Skills and Qualities Required for Engineering
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs

Bachelor of Engineering Course: Overview

A bachelor of engineering course is a four-year undergraduate degree program that provides you with a strong foundation in the principles and applications of engineering. It also equips you with practical skills and hands-on experience through projects, internships, and workshops.

For more of an overview of this course at BE colleges in Navi Mumbai or elsewhere, refer to the table below.

Course Name Bachelor of Engineering (BE)
Level Undergraduate
Duration 4 years
Mode of Examination Semester System
Eligibility Criteria 50% or more in 10+2 with PCM/B
Mode of Admission Entrance exam/ Merit-based
Common Entrance Tests JEE, JEE Advanced, MHT-CET
Popular Specialisations Electronics, Electronics and Communication, Computer Science, IT, Mechanical, Civil Engineering, etc.


Benefits of Pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering Course

Some of the benefits of pursuing a BE course at engineering colleges in Nerul are:

  • It opens up a wide range of career options in various sectors, such as IT, manufacturing, construction, energy, healthcare, aerospace, defence, and more.
  • BE colleges in Navi Mumbai enhance your problem-solving, analytical, creative, and communication skills, which are essential for any professional role.
  • It increases your employability and earning potential, as engineers are in high demand and command attractive salaries in India and abroad.
  • It prepares you for higher studies and research in engineering or related fields, such as management, law, or medicine.
  • It allows you to contribute to society and the environment by developing innovative solutions for real-world challenges.

Specialisations in Engineering

One of the advantages of pursuing an engineering course at any of the BE colleges in India is that you can choose from a variety of specialisations that suit your interests and aspirations. Some of the popular specialisations are:

Computer Science Engineering

This specialisation focuses on the design, development, and implementation of software systems and applications. It covers topics such as programming languages, data structures, algorithms, databases, operating systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, and more.

Mechanical Engineering

This specialisation deals with the design, analysis, and manufacturing of machines and mechanical systems. It covers topics such as mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, materials science, robotics, automation, and more.

Electrical Engineering

This specialisation involves the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. BE colleges in Navi Mumbai cover topics such as circuits, signals, systems, power generation and distribution, control systems, communication systems, microelectronics, and more in their Electrical Engineering program.

Civil Engineering

This specialisation is concerned with the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure projects such as buildings, bridges, roads, dams, airports, etc. It also covers topics such as structural engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering,  transportation engineering, and more.

Apart from these specialisations, there are many other options available at Terna Engineering College, such as:

  • Information Technology
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and Data Science,

and more.

Opportunities in Engineering

Each specialisation offers a plethora of opportunities for graduates of BE colleges in Navi Mumbai and elsewhere in various industries and sectors. Some of the common roles that engineers can pursue are listed below.

Role Responsibility Average Salary
Software Engineer Developing, testing, and maintaining software applications and systems that meet the requirements and specifications of clients or users. INR 6.6 LPA
Mechanical Engineer Designing, analysing, and manufacturing machines and mechanical systems that perform specific functions or tasks. INR 4 LPA
Electrical Engineer Engaged in designing, developing, and implementing electrical and electronic systems and devices that generate, transmit, or use electricity or electromagnetic waves. INR 4 LPA
Civil Engineer Planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining infrastructure projects such as buildings, bridges, roads, dams, airports, etc. INR 3.4 LPA


Skills and Qualities Required for Engineering

To pursue a bachelor of engineering course and excel as an engineer, you need to have certain skills and qualities that will help you cope with the academic rigour and professional challenges of the field.

Some of the skills and qualities required for engineering at BE colleges in Mumbai are:

  • Mathematical Skills: Engineering involves applying mathematical concepts and methods to solve complex problems and design optimal solutions. You need to have a strong grasp of mathematics such as algebra, calculus, statistics, etc. to perform calculations and analyses in engineering.
  • Scientific Skills: Engineering is based on scientific principles and theories that explain how natural phenomena work. You need to have a good understanding of physics, chemistry, biology, etc. to apply them to engineering problems and scenarios.
  • Technical Skills: Engineering requires using various tools and technologies to create and implement engineering solutions. You need to build proficiency in using software programs, hardware devices, instruments, machines, etc. that are relevant to your specialisation and domain while studying at BE colleges in Navi Mumbai.
  • Communication Skills: Engineering involves working with different people and stakeholders such as clients, users, colleagues, managers, etc. You need to have effective communication skills to convey your ideas and information clearly and concisely in oral and written forms.
  • Teamwork Skills: Engineering is often a collaborative endeavour that requires working with others to achieve a common goal. You need to have teamwork skills to cooperate and coordinate with your team members, share your knowledge and feedback, and resolve conflicts and issues.
  • Creativity: Engineering is a creative field that demands innovation and originality. You need to have creativity skills to generate new ideas and concepts, explore different possibilities, and find novel solutions for engineering challenges.


Can I study my chosen engineering specialisation in more detail after BE?

Yes, you can study your specialisation of choice in more detail by signing up for a ME(Master of Engineering) course after completing your BE. After that, if you wish to, you can even pursue a Ph.D.

Is BE in Computer Engineering better or IT?

Both BE in Computer engineering and IT offer the same type of job roles with similar pay structures, so it is impossible to tell which is better.

Which is the best engineering course to pursue in 2023?

The best engineering course to pursue in 2023 totally depends on your preference, aptitude, interest, etc. so it can be subjective. However, if we are going by trends alone, the BE in AI and Data science holds the most promise, as AI is taking up the tech world by storm and is expected to grow exponentially.

Which entrance exam do I need to take to get admission to Terna Engineering College?

To get admission to a BE program at Terna Engineering College, you need to sit for the MHT CET (Maharashtra Common Entrance Test).


A bachelor of engineering course is a rewarding and fulfilling choice for anyone who wants to pursue a career in engineering. It offers many benefits, such as a wide range of career options, high employability and earning potential, and opportunities for higher studies and research. BE colleges in Navi Mumbai also help you develop various skills and qualities that are essential for engineering and other professional fields.

If you are interested in pursuing a BE course, you can explore the various programs and institutions, like BE engineering colleges in Navi Mumbai that offer quality education and training in engineering. You can also seek guidance and advice from experts and mentors who can help you make the right decision and prepare for your engineering journey.