Fans Disappointed Over The PSL 8 Anthem

Breaking: Fans disappointed over the PSL 8 anthem as it was not up to their expectations. The official anthem was supposed to be released at 8:30 PM IST on Feb 11, 2023. But the management delayed it till 10:10 PM IST. Fans were getting anxious and annoyed by the PSL’s management over the delaying of PSL 8 anthem. Some says that it was a strategy by the PSL’s management to create hype of the anthem.

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Additionally, Asim Azhar, Shae Gill, and Faris Shafi composed and sung is anthem. However, it was mixed and mastered by the very talented and young producer, Abdullah Siddique. The anthem starts with a little verse of Asim Azhar who is no doubt the pride of Pakistan when it comes to singing. But his part was very short. Then Shae Gill did her verse which was good as a matter of fact.

Afterward, Faris Shafi came on the mic and started rapping about the Pakistan Cricket. His verse was not actually bad but the fans are saying that it was too long. It could have been shorter. Meanwhile, Asim Azhar did not remain on the song for more than 35 seconds. So fans are really mad on the PSL 8 anthem.

PSL fans are already posting reviews on social media like twitter, whatsapp, facebook…etc. And they are not satisfying because the fans are not happy with it. They waited too long for this anthem to come out. Unfortunately, it was not what they were expecting.

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People on social media are missing Ali Zafar in the PSL anthems. Because Ali Zafar’s anthem were really good. His composing, writing, and singing matched on point with the expectations of PSL fans. But fans are rating the PSL 8 anthem 05 out of 10 points on average.

Most of the PSL fans prefer previous anthems way better than the latest one. It can become a great problem for PSL management next year if anthems don’t come up to the fans’ expectations.


What were the main concerns fans had about the PSL 8 anthem?

Fans expressed various concerns about the PSL 8 anthem. The primary issue was related to the song’s composition and lyrics. Many fans felt that the anthem lacked the catchy and energetic vibe that previous anthems had.

The lyrics were criticized for being generic and not capturing the essence of the Pakistan Super League’s excitement and spirit. Additionally, some fans were disappointed with the choice of the artist and believed that a more renowned and fitting performer could have been selected.

Did the anthem’s music video contribute to the disappointment?

Yes, the music video of the PSL 8 anthem also added to the disappointment of fans. Some fans found the video’s production quality to be subpar compared to previous editions.

The visuals were criticized for not effectively showcasing the passion of cricket and the fanbase associated with the PSL. The lack of innovative and captivating imagery in the video further fueled the disappointment among fans.

How did the response from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) impact the fans’ disappointment?

The response from the PCB played a role in how fans perceived their disappointment. The initial reaction from the PCB was defensive, which led to frustration among fans who expected a more receptive approach to their concerns.

As fans took to social media to express their disappointment, the lack of a timely and constructive response from the PCB further exacerbated the situation, causing a divide between the board and the fans.


The disappointment over the PSL 8 anthem was a result of multiple factors, including the anthem’s composition, lyrics, music video, and the response from the PCB. Fans’ high expectations, built on the memorable anthems of previous seasons, contributed to the intensity of their reactions. As the PSL continues to be a significant sporting event in Pakistan, it’s crucial for organizers to take fan feedback seriously and strive for anthems that truly capture the excitement and passion of the league, fostering a stronger connection between the tournament and its devoted fanbase. Thanks for reading.