Comparing Gutter Cleaning Services in the Fishers, Indiana Area

Comparing Gutter Cleaning Services in the Fishers, Indiana Area

If you’re a homeowner in Fishers, Indiana, chances are you’ve wondered about getting your gutters cleaned at some point. But with so many gutter cleaning companies to choose from, how do you decide? As a long-time Fishers resident myself, I’ve researched the top local options to compare. Keep reading for my insight on the best professional gutter cleaners near me in the Fishers area for 2023.

Why Do You Need Your Gutters Cleaned Anyway?

Before diving into the top gutter cleaning services in Fishers, let’s review why gutter cleaning is so important for your home’s health in the first place. If you notice your gutters overflowing or clogged with debris like leaves, sticks, and seeds, water can back up and seep into your attic, walls, and foundation. This water damage causes all types of problems like:

  • Rotting roof shingles and wood
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Pest infestations
  • Cracks in your home’s structure
  • Flooding issues
  • Hundreds or thousands in repairs

Simply put, by investing in regular gutter cleaner near me maintenance services, you’ll avoid much more costly home repairs down the road. My personal recommendation is to have your gutters cleaned at least twice per year – once in early spring to clear out winter debris and again in late fall.

If ignoring the issue, be prepared to tackle repairs like rotting roof decking, mold removal, foundation cracks, and more. So don’t skip your seasonal gutter cleanings!

Factors to Compare Fishers gutter cleaning Services

Now that you know the importance of professional gutter cleaning fishers for your home, let’s explore the top companies to consider. The main factors I compared include:

  • Experience, Licenses & Insurance – You’ll want an established company that meets all state and local licensing and insurance requirements to protect you.
  • Cleaning Process & Technology– The most advanced tools like gutter cameras and vacuum systems make cleaning faster and more effective.
  • Customer Reviews & Testimonials – Check out real customer feedback on past work and satisfaction.
  • Warranties and Guarantees – From your gutters to their work, look for adequate coverage.
  • Pricing, Specials and Financing – Get fair quotes upfront with available discounts and financing options.

I compared all of these qualifications for the top three gutter cleaners based locally out of Fishers and Noblesville below.

Heffernan’s Home Services: 5-Star Gutter Cleaning and Repairs

In business for over 18 years with an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, Heffernan’s Home Services came out on top as my #1 recommendation for seamless gutter installation, maintenance and repairs in Fishers.

They have an extremely qualified team with years of specialty training and education. All of their uniformed technicians are fully licensed, insured and background checked for your safety and security. Their visiting technicians arrive in clearly marked Heffernan’s trucks equipped with state-of-the-art equipment like vacuum systems, cameras, power washers and more. This allows them to thoroughly clean your gutters and downspouts in a single appointment without ladders.

I was also impressed with their 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work. And as members of the Master Elites Gutter Pros network, an exclusive group of elite gutter contractors across the U.S. and Canada, they can also access special gutter guards and solutions if you’re seeking that added leaf and debris protection.

When comparing customer feedback, Heffernan’s really stood out with a 5-star overall rating across hundreds of reviews. Their customers commonly use words like “fantastic”, “responsive”, “polite”, “professional” and “reasonably priced” to describe their experiences.

They offer free quotes upfront on all jobs, and I found their pricing to be very affordable, especially given their advanced training and processes. Right now they’re running a 15% off special on all gutter cleanings, so it’s a great time to schedule service.

Brightview Tree and Yard Care: National Chain with Mixed Reviews

Formerly known as Brickman, Brightview is likely a familiar name if you’ve researched gutter cleaning companies before. They have a large local presence as part of their national home and yard maintenance services. With gutters being just one small piece of their overall business though, their specialty depth is lacking compared to a dedicated gutter cleaning company.

They do have a good range of equipment for gutter maintenance. However, I noticed widely mixed customer feedback in my research – everything from raving 5-star reviews to very concerning 1-star complaints about unreliable scheduling, messy technicians, billing issues and poor communication. So experiences seem hit or miss.

Pricing is also on the high side compared to more specialized gutter cleaners in our area. While they do occasionally run 10-15% discounts on scheduled services, their everyday prices are above average.

Gutter Gang: Newer Regional Company to Consider

Operating locally to us for the past 5 years, Gutter Gang is a decent option for basic gutter cleaning services. All of their uniformed technicians are fully insured with commercial grade equipment for gutter maintenance.

They have an A rating with the BBB as an accredited business. Their customers cite politeness, reasonable pricing and effective cleaning services as the company’s best qualities. Compared to Brightview, they have more consistent positive reviews as a newer, smaller family-owned operation.

Downsides are fewer specialty offerings – with a very narrow focus on just gutter cleaning, no gutter guard installations or repairs like Heffernan’s provides. Their website and online presence also lacks a lot of detail and proof of advanced industry training. But they provide free estimates if you want to get a quote.

Why I Recommend Heffernan’s as the Top Local Choice

While all three companies offer gutter cleaning near Fishers and surrounding areas, Heffernan’s stands apart when comparing licensing, experience, training, equipment, guarantees and customer service.

As true gutter cleaning specialists with an flawless reputation across hundreds of customers, I can personally vouch for professionalism of Heffernan’s. Plus right now they’re offering 15% off gutter cleanings in Fishers, so scheduling a free quote is an excellent idea whether you just need a standard cleaning or have any lingering gutter repairs to address as well.

Reach out today at (317) 967-9386 or visit to get a free quote from my top choice for heffernan home services. Their team services both residential and commercial properties across Fishers, Noblesville, Carmel, Westfield and more Central Indiana communities.