Player Bukayo Saka – Super midfielder of Arsenal Club

Player Bukayo Saka is a young and creative name in football, quickly making his mark with his special talent. Drawing inspiration from his Nigerian heritage and the diversity of London, player Bukayo Saka not only demonstrates a smart but also decisive playing style. Let’s discover more about this player through the article by Xoilac TV Please!

Player Bukayo Saka


Bukayo Saka, born September 5, 2001 in Ealing, England, is an outstanding young talent in European football.

With a height of 1m78 and a weight of 65kg, player Bukayo Saka plays in many different positions such as left back, winger and central midfielder for Arsenal and the England national team.

He is one of the promising young talents, especially in the 2020-2021 season when he showed excellence through matches. Player Bukayo Saka was ranked 15th in the list of best young players, marking significant progress in his career.

His diversity in playing style and multi-positional ability have highlighted this young name in world football.

Player Bukayo Saka’s efforts to become a star

Through the article of Xoilac TV Player Bukayo Saka has put in considerable effort to become a soccer star, with his multitasking and constant fighting spirit.


Support and encouragement from family

Player Bukayo Saka is one of the outstanding young talents, bringing with him early exposure and passion for football from a Nigerian immigrant family in London. His parents, avid Arsenal fans, instilled their passion in him from a young age.

Support and encouragement from his family helped player Bukayo Saka overcome challenges and sacrifices, especially when joining Arsenal’s Hale End academy.

This passion plays an important role in his promising career,making him one of the most notable young players in football today.

Participate in a trial at the Arsenal academy

Player Bukayo Saka affirmed his talent right from his trial period at the Arsenal academy, overcoming all challenges and difficulties to win selection.

The difficult life did not discourage him, on the contrary, it motivated player Bukayo Saka to make more efforts and focus on developing his skills.

His perseverance and determination created a positive journey and laid the foundation for a brilliant football career.

Journey from academy to young star position

It is a journey full of hardships and endless efforts. Player Bukayo Saka chose former player Freddie Ljungberg as a role model, a choice of fighting spirit that he admired and learned from.

Player Bukayo Saka’s determination and perseverance have helped him rise in his professional career, becoming an inspiration for other young players and promising geniuses in the football world.

The playing style of player Bukayo Saka


Player Bukayo Saka stands out with his decisive playing style and sophisticated technique, possessing sharpness and the ability to accelerate quickly on the field. This makes him an important choice in the England team’s squad.

Player Bukayo Saka has had an impressive first four years at the Arsenal academy, playing as a left-back and showing versatility with sharp feet. Not only is he a talented player, Bukayo Saka is also highly appreciated for his focus and dedication to the team.

Despite interest from Manchester United and Liverpool, he remained loyal to Arsenal, showing loyalty and commitment to the club.

Football career of player Bukayo Saka

Player Bukayo Saka has gone through an impressive journey with the England national team, starting at the U16 level and developing through the U17, U18, and U21 levels. His talent has been proven through his important role in international matches, especially when joining the U21 team.

Xoilac said that since joining the England U21 team, player Bukayo Saka has increasingly proven his talent and won an important position in the senior team. An important stepping stone in his career was when he scored his first international goal in 2020.

Participating in UEFA Euro 2020, player Bukayo Saka continues to be an important part of the England team. The match against the Czech Republic was a milestone as he not only scored but was also named Man of the Match.

This demonstrates the maturity and great influence of player Bukayo Saka on the national team.


Article by Xoilac TV – is a complete source of information about player Bukayo Saka, a talented young player, outstanding with his creative playing style and youth. His impressive performance at Arsenal and England was demonstrated through his decisiveness and technical excellence. Player Bukayo Saka became an important pillar in the team’s tactics and received high praise, promising to be a bright star in the future.