Best Times to Run Local Facebook Ads for Concrete Coating Services

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If you run a concrete coating business and want to attract more local customers, Facebook ads can be an effective way to promote your services and get your name out there. However, with Facebook advertising, timing is everything. Running your ads at optimal times when your target audience is most active on Facebook can result in better engagement and return on investment.

So when are the best times to run local Facebook ads for concrete coating services to reach interested homeowners and property managers in your area? Here are some key times you’ll want to focus your Facebook ad efforts.

Weekday Morning Commute Hours

Early morning hours on weekdays can be a good time to have Facebook ads running. During the morning commute time when people are traveling to work, sitting on public transit, or waiting in their car, they often browse Facebook to catch up on news and check what friends are up to.

Targeting your Facebook ads to geo-locations around areas with bad traffic congestion during peak commute times allows you to catch these idle commuters when they’re most likely scrolling through their newsfeed. Piquing interest for your concrete coating services while they pass time commuting makes it more likely they’ll remember your ad later when they require a concrete coating contractor.

Lunch Breaks

Another window when you’re likely to have a captive audience for your Facebook ads is during the lunch hour. Whether working at the office, from home, or even lunch breaks for students, lots of people browse Facebook over their lunch break.

Creative Facebook ads showcasing how stunning and durable your concrete coatings can make outdoor spaces may capture attention when people take a midday Facebook break. This gets potential customers thinking about revitalizing their own worn driveways, garage floors, and patios on their own lunch break downtime.

Early Evenings

Early evenings can also be an opportune time for running local Facebook ads. After a long day, the hour or two before dinner is often spent unwinding while scrolling through social media.

You can capture people’s attention with vibrant Facebook ads as they relax into their evening routine. Displaying images of how your concrete coatings can create stylish, modern outdoor living areas they’ll enjoy may pique interest in booking estimates or selecting colors for an upcoming coating project they’ve been considering.

Saturday & Sunday Afternoons

The weekends, particularly Saturday and Sunday afternoons, tend to be prime real estate for Facebook ad visibility. When relaxing at home on days off, people are often browsing social media to casually pass the time.

Local Facebook ads showcasing your colorful, durable coatings on pool decks, basement floors, and driveway surfaces could capture weekend attention when households have more time to think about home improvement plans. Additionally, investing in local business Google Ads could further expand your reach and visibility within the community.

Rainy & Snowy Days

Inclement weather like rainstorms or heavy snow also drives increased Facebook usage, making these optimal times to promote your concrete coating services. With people stuck indoors due to wet, cold, or icy conditions outside, they flock to Facebook for entertainment and social connection.

Targeting areas with rough weather on Facebook and showcasing images of how your coatings create slip-resistant outdoor surfaces – from pool decks to sidewalks and front porches – can spark interest on the spot. Bad weather gets homeowners thinking about exterior house upgrades, driving more clicks and leads.

The next time foul weather hits your region, boost ads highlighting wet weather traction for safety consciousness. This positions your business as a responsible community partner concerned about local safety during hazardous conditions.

Early Spring & Summer

As winter thaws shift to spring, increased sunshine and warmer temperatures get homeowners thinking about enhancing their outdoor living spaces. Early spring is an opportune window for concrete coating ads on Facebook targeting these needs.

Promoting durable, vibrant patio, pool deck or floor coatings as the perfect summer upgrade can resonate in early spring when households begin planning backyards updates and pool maintenance. Capture their attention right as the new season has them considering freshening up their alfresco living areas and you’re more likely to convert them to customers.

The beginning of summer in late May and June is another prime target window as families prep for pool parties, backyard BBQs and outdoor graduation celebrations. Tapping into summer prep needs by showcasing your colorful, resilient concrete coatings presents homeowners exciting upgrade possibilities right when they need them.

Timing Multiple Ads

While the above high-traffic Facebook windows provide a useful starting point, don’t just set and forget your ads. Actively test and optimize different ad variations at different times to discover what resonates best with your target audience and when.

A/B test concrete coating FB ads focused on safety, durability, aesthetics and more to pinpoint what gets the most traction. Testing 2-3 new ad variations per week lets you continually refine an optimal approach.

You can also experiment with showing the same ad variations at different times to see if one converts better on weekday mornings vs Sunday afternoons, for instance. Play with frequencies as well, which dictates how often each person sees your ads. Balance delivering your message while avoiding oversaturation.

Continually tweaking these key variables will reveal what ad customizations at what times and frequencies drive the most conversions for capturing local Facebook attention.

In Closing

Smart timing and targeting with Facebook ads is crucial for generating quality leads to grow any local concrete coating business. Pay attention to high Facebook traffic times where audiences in your target locations are most active and receptive.

Craft compelling ads suited to each window, whether emphasizing backyard entertainment visuals on weekends or safety solutions on snow days. And continually test ad variations and frequencies to determine the most effective ongoing approach.

Following these best practices using local Facebook ads for concrete coating services around these peak engagement windows will help you connect with receptive homeowners when they need you most. This allows you to sustainably grow your customer base from year to year.